What Aristotle talks a lot about in this
book we are reading in class are the functions of the human race. Aristotle,
to my understanding says that the function of human beings is to be “rational”
and by rational I believe that he means humans should have a “soul” that
represents what you do in your life and if you do those functions successfully then
you was lived well. Additionally according to Aristotle being alive is not the
function of human beings because of the “Goods” in life which include,
Externals those are the things like your friends and family you give you
support and love, your soul which means your life actives but they have to be
perform well in order to enjoy your life, and the last one is body which
basically is  your health and your
strength. However Perception is not a function of human because according to
Aristotle, Perception is motion and time because, the function of a human is
live and meet those three standards of your, Externals, Soul, and Body it
doesn’t fall into that category and also according to Aristotle once you pass
away that’s it, you don’t a have legacy left and that’s it for you , however
motion and time will last forever way after you passed.

     Aristotle in the book I feel that mentions a
lot that a person has to have some  motivation
tp be able to life their best .Therefore, according to Aristotle what makes a
good human is the functions, and by functions I mean  the things a human works and/or hobbies at, and
if the person is successful in meeting them. If they succeed they would meet
their virtue for being good. The reason he believes that makes people a good
human being is because human just didn’t were sitting around and wasting their
live and had a type of happiness.  

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     Happiness is a virtue
that everyone tries to have. Aristotle, however use happiness not as the
emotion, he uses it to describe as the excellence in one’s life guided by the
reason/rational over ones lifetime. So to say that animals can reason just like
humans, it makes sense that they can because they need reason and rational to survive.
However, if the animals can’t still full-fledged in language they still can’t
full of the same reason as a human. So what I think in this case what make a
human a good human are; the will to function. The will to function for animals would
be to survive while the functions for humans are still the  externals, soul, and body. However they still
have functions which makes them human on some sort of functions because of the
functions alone. The reason I believe Aristotle would said that or something similarly
to that is because Aristotle said that everything that is human has to have a
function, and the animals do have a function of surviving, it might not be a
well/good life but  it was a functional