Wang Lung starts to be envy towards O-lan since she does not have bound feet. Considering that these women could never work in the field due to their bound feet that still empowers the inner beauty of other women like O-lan. O-lan is highly intelligent. O-lan knows that with beauty people appreciate and have respect for one being. So O-lan binds her youngest daughter’s feet without telling Wang Lung. As the third daughter informs Wang Lung, . Therefore, O-lan teaches her daughter that beauty is the most important factor for men since Wang Lung did not value O-lan considering how much O-lan did for him. Bound feet represent beauty and deflect the values of others. Before Wang Lung sees Lotus’s tiny feet, Wang Lung begins to insult O-lan Thus, this expresses Wang Lung’s confusion between appearance and reality. A bound foot may seem sexy when it’s in a pink shoe, but the physical fact underneath isn’t satisfying. Consequently, beauty was one of the essential attractions in Wang Lung’s time. It wasn’t until O-lan passing that Wang Lung realizes the true personal virtues rather than the beauty of bound feet.