This beloved 2003 film tells the story of Marlin and Nemo—a pair of father and son clownfish. Marlin loves his son, but sometimes he’s a little bit protective of the kid. In fact, he’s a lot protective. When Nemo is taken by a diver and whisked off to live in a fish tank on land, all Marlin’s worst fears come true.And while Nemo’s ocean adventure features a whole bunch of fun fishy jokes—clownfish really do live together in sea anemones and some fish have surprisingly short memory spans—it’s really not about fish at all. The movie has something to teach us humans about big important ideas like fathers and sons, friendship, fear, trust, courage, memories, and love.

Fish—they’re just like us.

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Of course, it helps that the concept for Finding Nemo came from one of Pixar’s senior animators. Andrew Stanton got the idea for this father-son fish tale when he realized how overprotective he was of his own son. We guess lots of parents (and their kids) could relate because Finding Nemo went on to become one of Pixar’s highest grossing and most critically acclaimed movies. Oh, it also won an Oscar, too.

Basically, the Pixar team behind Nemo deserves high fives—or is that high fins?—all around.