This article talks about the present investigation is an endeavor to survey web enslavement and sorrow among university. The example in the study comprised of one hundred thirty college understudies out of which 91% were guys and 9% were females who were chosen on the purposive premise from the campus of Kashmir University. The web is another instrument that is developing into a basic piece of regular daily existence everywhere throughout the world and its utilization increments, particularly among youngsters. The examination depends on the example of 130 college understudies enlisted in different post-graduate projects at the Kashmir University, Kashmir. Out of 130 students, there were 91% of males and 9% of females. The consequences of the examination additionally uncovered that there is a critical contrast among University understudies on web dependence and dejection as for their sexual orientation. The prior research on sorrow among college has blended outcomes. For instance, Blazer, Kessler, McGonagle, Swartz, 1994; and Regier, Farmer, Rae, Myers, Kramer, Robins 1993 discovered that commonness of despondency, the lifetime danger of sorrow and tension are higher in lady than in their male partners