There was
another developed model of representing short term memory called the working
memory model. The researchers proposed a three parts model, where short term
memory is made of many subtopics which operate the functions. This is being
supported by the study by Baddeley and Hitch in year 1974, which investigated
if participants can use different parts of working memory simultaneously.

In this
model there is the central executive, which is the most important part of the
model that controls the mechanism where information goes. Operated by Phonological
loop and visuospatial sketchpad to long term memory. The phonological loop two
parts, receives the information from the long term memory in from of verbal and
articulatory system, which is basically about written and spoken material. The
articulatory control system, here written words are being converted into spoken
words so that they can go into the phonological store. Here the information
will be circulated. Repetition of phone number as an example. The Visuospatial
sketchpad deals with visual information, it receives info from sensory memory
of long term memory, example like picturing objects in your mind. Lastly the episodic
buffer has been added, which acts as a backup of information, which works with
long term memory and working memory.

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and Hitch in year 1974, which investigated if participants can use different
parts of working memory simultaneously supports this model. The method was that
participants were asked to perform two tasks at the same time. One was to
remember number sequences and the other was that they had to read a text and understand
it. Results show that when the sequence of number increased the remembering was
hard. There was this evidence that short term memory has more than one single
store. Remembering many little things is easier than more and big once. The
conclusion central executive and phonological loop is used in those two tasks.

Here in all
in can be seen that, the remembering affects memory a lot, in relation to that
model. When people have to remember and concentrate on more than two things,
they have more pressure, and for sure when they have to do it at the same time.
Especially when people have to remember impaired tasks.