The law of apartheid begin in South Africa just after the National Party gained power in 1948, National party was ruled by white people and as soon as they take over they enforced the existing policies of racial segregation under a system of legislation. “Nonwhite South Africans (a majority of the population) were forced to live in separate areas from whites and use separate public facilities, the contact between the two groups were limited” Chisholm, L. (2003). The Politics of Curriculum Review and Revision in South Africa. Paper presented at the Oxford International Conference on Education and Development.. The word apartheid is an Afrikaners term that means a social policy or racial segregation involving political, economic, and legal discrimination against people who are not whites, it is the former official policy in South Africa.
Racial segregation and white supremacy in South Africa were some of the major aspects in the country even before National Party gained its power in 1948. The birth of apartheid took a further step in separating racial groups and ensuring that there will be a big gap between whites, blacks, Indians, and colored people. “Apartheid was a policy that demanded segregation among people based on their race and ethnic groups. Apartheid was an evil policy that forced the different racial groups to live separately and develop separately, it enforced inequality and makes whites superior to other races”. Weldon, G. (2009). . During apartheid era it was illegal to socialize or interact with a person of different race, it was illegal even to be in a relationship with someone from a different race. To make sure that the racial segregation is successful the Apartheid government made racial segregation compulsory by making different races live separately and have different developments.
Apartheid mostly affected black people in South Africa, it affected them emotionally, economically, spiritually, mentally, and physical. It caused a huge damage and leave open wounds mostly in black people and that will take many decades to be healed. The policy of apartheid was totally against black population, black people were moved by force from their homes and dumped to the townships and their long established communities were destroyed. The physical torturing and death of black through ill treatment affected black citizens and causes depressions, fear, and hatred.
In order for black people to fight the policy of apartheid they formed groups and organizations to fight for their rights and be free from the system. Strong organizations such as black consciousness movement were formed, old parties such as ANC and PAC also played a huge role in bringing peace among different races in the country. On 1989, there was hope for democracy after the apartheid president made unexpected announcements and release political prisoners including Nelson Mandela. On 1994, South Africa get their independence as the African National Congress won the elections and Nelson Mandela become the first democratic president.
After South Africa get its democracy, the peace and equality among races were introduced, the freedom of going and living where ever you want regardless of the race or skin of your color were some of the issues that were raised and established in the constitution under human rights.