The year 2019 will mark the most
awaited finale of HBO’s hit TV series, Game of Thrones. With only six episodes
left, fans all over the world will soon be sailing to Westeros for the final
time. Here are the five things to look forward to the last season of GOT.

1. Winged steed for the dead!

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history has been shaped by these massive fire breathing, flying reptiles. They
have been used in warfare to burn a whole army and big cities as well as a
symbolism for strength and power. After all, who would dare fight against an
army with a dragon?

                Just as
we thought that Daenerys got us covered, things just got a little bit more
complicated as we witness in season seven’s “beyond the wall” episode how the
night king made us go “WOAH”. Unfortunately, it turned out that the leader of
the undead had some tricks up his sleeves as he managed to kill and resurrect
Viserion and turned it into a wight. With this in mind, what could possibly
stop the night king from attacking the humans? He has an army of wights, giants,
and finally a winged steed. Would Daenerys allow her last two living dragons to
be part of the upcoming war?

2. The Three-eyed raven’s prophecy

have long wondered how Bran Stark would be able to fulfill the Three-eyed
raven’s foretelling that the Stark boy will never be able to walk but he would
be flying soon. Online fora and commentaries from the fans state that Bran
might be able to take control of Viserion and turn him against the Night King.
It is important to note though that Bran is not yet strong enough in
establishing connection with animals, but with six episodes left, Bran probably
has a shot on it.

3. Arya’s list

                If we
can link one famous quote to Arya Stark’s name that is “all men must die”, these
so called “men” refer to the list of names which she would gladly kill given
the opportunity. Despite all the special skills she acquired from her
experiences, Arya wasn’t given the chance to kill most of the people in her
list. Considering that the series is already coming to an end, fans speculate
that she would be killing Cersei in the coming season. That would lead us to
the next entry.

4. The Stark sisters against all odds!

seven gave us a glimpse on how Arya and Sansa Stark worked hand in hand to
expose  Baelish’s treachery. It’s amazing
how their characters have developed after the situations they have encountered
in their lives. Their past experiences definitely paved way so that they may
become strong, intelligent, and skillful in handling matters. Fans speculate
that the sisters will be part of a bigger plan that will unfold in the last
season, so better watch out for that.

5. Who will sit on the Iron throne?

                And the
most awaited scene is…who will rule the seven kingdoms and sit on the much
coveted, Iron throne? There are three options here: Jon as a Targaryen,
Daenerys Targaryen, or a Lannister. The stakes are high and fans are rallying
to put the two Targaryens on the throne. After all, a Targaryen will always
have the best claim to the throne. It is important to note though that a
Lannister may still have a shot on the throne. In season seven, we were lead to
believe that Cersei will never back down from her claim and is willing to give
her all to keep the throne to herself.