Task 2
The study of health and social is not only about the patient health improvement overall but it needs to keep focus the about all related laws, legislation are applied in health care practice by the entire healthy providing organisations and the staff of this organisation who are mainly at point of care giver to client so that they can be major role player. Under this task I will be using some solid practical example from the scenario based and try to show my capability of understanding about how an individuals are at risk, remedy points of reducing risk, this effectiveness according to laws and policies and also try to give a clear idea of managerial approaches for this risk factor. At final point of this task writing I will give a description about codes of practice of medicine administering and drug issues in care site of different health and social care venues.

Case study 1
Mr Harshle 27 year of age who is under caring and supervising about his mental and also physical disability development in XXX care home. The staff in this care venues are always to pay attention about his risks may become impediment to improve his health condition in the overall point of view. At first instance, the professional staff is looking at his basic danger or risks are classified in some ways such as he is not capable to do anything on his with health condition disability in terms of abusing or any physical abuse may occur in this care centre so that he may not protect him-self by any cost of effort. So for this context of formulating behaviour, we can see the all care centre or venues are controlled or monitored under CCTV station in where the manager or cctv controller can see any damages or happening, incident or accident can be checked later on when it is required by the state of emergency. So in overall condition of any workplace or venues are secured by CCTV camera and its importance or urgency need to be asses by the requirement of any health care venues.

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Case study 2
Mr Judy Roy (23), who is a newcomer in United Kingdom from the remote part of Gujrat province of India, also he is an ideal Muslim follower in practices and praying on daily basis. At one stage he become sick and rushed to hospital, since then he is under consideration of frustration and depressed patient and immediate after he is prescribed by specialist doctor to take medication regularly, but most significant thing about him is that he trying to commit suicide, aggressive behaviour, damaging tendency of any stuff in front of him and so on. According to doctor guidance he needs to stay in specialist clinic for his treatment in where we can see this clinic is in compliance with all legislations and laws are already in practice. Such as we can identify this laws are followed by at all times possible. So the basic things about this health clinic are:
a. Maintaining log book system
b. Health and safety sign are visible
c. Fire sign and emergency exit and gathering/assemble points are arrowed properly
d. This clinic have multi-faith prayer room
e. Designated food and consuming lounge
All of this is followed according to current laws and legislations to make sure the client are getting the pure and accurate health care service in all best ways possible.