Sports is an activity that involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another for entertainment. Recently, the modernization of the sports also moves along with the advancement of the world and brings even greater philosophy. The growth of these vibrant sports’ field has become more dynamic and professional. Ironically, the involvement of community in sports can bring out many positive impacts, both inside and outside the ground. Sports is not merely just a physical activity performed to kills free time or produce sweat only, but it can give us a lot of benefits.
One of the sport’s benefit is it can helps maintaining physical and mental health. As we all aware, modern life nowadays require us to utilize more of our physical energy and intellectual skills to accomplish our daily necessities. We need to use our body and brain for about 16-hours a day, 7 day a week. Most of the time we had over-utilize our body and mind by putting too much burden on them. Thus, this has become one of the factor that leads to physical and mental health problems. The involvement of children, adolescents and adults in various sports activities can helps in solving these problem. Sports activities are the first step in controlling obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, chronic diseases and even the long term prevention from the disease for the old age. This is supported by the research of Patil.K (2018), cited from his studies in the American Journal of Epidemiology which suggest that physical activity actually helps lower the risk of heart attacks. Sports activities can promote blood circulation, reducing excess fat in blood vessels and heart, aids in excretion process and also dispose waste that are not needed by the body. There is a reason why sports and strength are believed to be two sides of the same coin. Apart from that, sports also helps in releasing endorphin, a hormone that trigger positive feeling to a person. This indirectly will boost the person’s mood and lower the rate of them having a depression.
Another benefit of sports is it can nurture someone’s discipline. It is because he will have to follow the rules imposed during playing sports and eventually will adopt the culture throughout his daily lives. By being discipline moreover will encourage him in making a healthy decision and preventing him from involve in immoral doings such as vandalism, drug addiction and loitering. It is because he will focus more on learning the chosen sport and understanding the requirements in playing it. According to Haille S. (2016) through his article in odyssey online, sport helps you to understand your limit and teach you to be discipline enough to overcome your limit and achieve the success.
Last but not least, creating unity among society is also one of the important benefits of sports. This is because sports activities like football, cricket and many more does require a team-play. Through this, a person will need to associate with other people with different backgrounds, ethnicity, culture and even residency. He have to create a close relationship with his teammates in order to create a strong squad with high vision to win or achieve something. In the other hand, the value of unity such as cooperating, tolerating, standing together and also helping each other will be born through involvement in sports. According to UKM News Portal (2017), sports activities are able to strengthen unity among the multicultural society in Malaysia, on top of increasing health level. Sports activities will be able to provide an opportunity for those involved to create a society that is more polite, responsible and high integrity. Society will know the meaning of unity, respect between different races, and develop a sense of love for the country and patriotism, by being involved in sports.