sociological imagination starts with a man who describes as lack of willingness to do something for a change in its environment. man are just doing his daily routines without asking of having the desire of progression they thought they are limited and powerless. one more thing, it says that they are powerless to act for society and its condition. they do their own agenda but nothing to do with politics. in short, man is trapped by troubles and failures that shows their weakness.

man has a big role for a society, society also plays a big role to produce men and women. For me, the ideas that i read are first, sociological imagination has a connection between personal and historical matters. Based on my own understanding man has a personal problem which will tend to public issues. for example, in one family a daughter is having a live in partner they’re not married, sooner or later it will begin to a public issue it’l be on the news and the catholic church will say its opinion about it that it’s a wrong decision a sin and etc. a personal problem of a family but as time goes by it becomes a public issue. Secondly, sociological imagination has something to do with personal values. if society supports people values, it can lead to a better life.

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On the other hand, if a man feels trapped and powerless he cant do nothing about with sociology. a personal life of a man affects the society he lives. If they are going to follow their feelings and do nothing what will be the society look like? that’s why sociological imagination is important to build a better society