Social media has made a huge impact on the way people communicate with each other. The internet is influential in providing a social world for people to communicate and escape from reality with on a personal or professional level, providing information, concepts and support in all forms. Teenagers are one off the largest groups of users due to its accessibility with the likes of mobile phones making the internet accessible anywhere and with sites offering advice and support on a wide range of features, opens up another world for them to communicate. Becker and Schmidt (2009) highlight that suicide is the third cause of teenage death and that sites exist for teenagers affected by suicide, allowing them to talk about certain subjects by giving them information and support, allowing them to talk about certain subjects. Whilst this can be good letting teens discuss their concerns and seek help, Becker and Schmidt show apprehensions about the sites that offer information on the best ways of suicide and revel in those that have successfully committed suicide encouraging negative communication. Cyberbullying on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter can have harmful communication leading to more teenage suicide.