Satellite TV channels are those channels that telecast television programmes to the different parts of the world via satellite. Satellite telecasting has added new dimensions to television. Nowadays a huge number of satellite channels telecast wide range of programmes of varied interest. The programmes of all the channels are not beneficial. Some channels like Discovery, National Geographic and CNN. BBC telecast highly informative programmes and can enrich our mind with sage and sagacity. On the other hand, some channels like TV-6, MTV, HBO, AXN, etc. cause cultural decay and moral degradation because they are full of nudism and vulgarism. Our national culture can be fostered and enriched by avoiding those channels and programmes and having to keep the good and giving up the bad. Our own culture programmes and elements should be seen and enjoyed frequently. It is true that the programmes of some satellite TV are destructive. Those programmes which are harmful should be avoided. That’s to say, constructive programmes of satellite TV channels should be enjoyed. We also have to find out how to derive the best benefit from satellite TV channels keeping its evil up to the minimum limit. Otherwise, moral degradation will take place and social stability will be destroyed.