Richard Nixon and history/life represents an Aristotelian
definition of a tragic hero. Through his life he under goes a somewhat noble
birth, has a rise to power/success, then has a tragic flaw bringing him to an
extreme low and finally a reversal  of

Let me start off by talking about where it all started.
Richard Nixon’s parents were under the Quaker religion and were simple honest
farmers. This is why I say that Nixon had somewhat of a noble birth. Nixon’s
family were good people because of their religion, Nixon was also an excellent
student throughout high school and was invited into college like Harvard and
Yale, but decided to stay close to home at Whittier college.

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Nixon ran for his first political spot in 1938, and was
accepted as the republican leader of California. In 1968 he ran for his
presidency and won against Hubert Humphrey, Nixon based his campaign on the
Vietnam War which at that time had been going since 1957. As the next election
approached Nixon became insecure about his chances of winning. As a result of
this insecurity, Nixon got members of the committee to reelect the president to
break into the democratic national party headquarters, which was located at the
Watergate hotel, to locate campaign strategies. After the members were caught
and questioned Nixon was eventually tracked back too.

This began the tragic flaw of the Richard Nixon’s tragic hero archetype, after being tracked back from the
Watergate scandal Nixon was going to be indefinitely impeached, so to avoid
this from happening he decided to tender his resignation. The government looked
further into the scandal and discovered tapes which also put out any sign of
innocence. This is the led to Nixon living out the rest of his years playing
golf at a distant course while also writing books about the time of which when
he was in the presidency. Richard Nixon’s story perfectly represents the story
of an Aristotelian tragic hero. He lives through a noble birth, a rise to
power, a tragic flaw and finally the living out of his life including the
impact of his tragic flaw on the public.