Rene Descartes was born on March 31,1596 in France later died February 11, 1650 in Sweden. His father owned many farms and houses and his mother past away when he was only one. His father left him to be raised by his grandmother and then by his great uncle. He was sent to college on 1606. He invented analytic geometry in 1619. This was a way to solve geometric problems. He went to the university at Franeker in1629.

At an early age he went to school where he studied math, music, astronomy, natural philosophy and ethics. He went back to Paris where he stayed a couple of years. He was the first to use Cartesian coordinate system. Descartes joined the army and met some scientist and they soon became his teachers. Even though he was never married he had a daughter. He passed away when he got a disease called pneumonia which he couldn’t beat.

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What I find interesting about this person is the intelligent way of thinking. His wisdom is out of this world and I think that’s very cool. he worked very hard most of his life and went to school for a long time to perfect everything he knows.

I chose this person because I’ve heard about him and I was curious about the history behind his math skills and intelligence. His math was one of most useful tool from elementary to universities. His math such as the cartesian coordinates made geometric and algebra problems easier. One way his math is used in society is with maps and it also helps to make a blue print to build houses.