Reflective Report
Our main topic was sale and supply of alcohol act 2012 where I came to know about that The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 covers the safe and responsible sale, supply, and consumption of alcohol and the minimisation of harm caused by its excessive use. After studying this Act, I came to know that how we must deal with different customers.
Summary of what I did
The main purpose of this journal is to keep the record of role that I played in practical Tuesday 11th Sep 2018 authorized with Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 in which I was given a role of duty manager in a restaurant and need to handle any kind of situation that arise. On the practical, firstly we had given many types of signages which we need to put it in correct place. And the signages are like: trading hours, free water, manager on duty, NO ID NO service etc. Secondly, I played as a duty manager and at that moment my friends they were my customer and they were provided some circumstances where I need to take corrective action according to the policy of “Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012”.
According to the my 1st scenario, one of my customer played a role as a dad with his under aged daughter. They came to my restaurant which is supervised area that means minor are only allowed with their legal guardian who will take all the responsibilities of them. Then they ask me for a glass of champagne where I told him that you must take responsibility of your daughter then I give them a glass of champagne. After some time, he asks me for a bottle of champagne where I refused him. He kept on asking me for a bottle but according to the rule I didn’t give it to them then with aggressive and angry face he left the place. But if they were my regular customer then I can give him bottle of champagne and I can offer him that he can put it in freezer for next day to drink.
Talking about the second scenario, one boy came to my premises as he had also valid ID card and he asked for his first drink. I gave him his first and second drink but after that I felt about his behaviour it seems so strange like being friendly, red eyes even he drop his key and I recognized that he is being intervene, so I offered him some water and suggested some food but he do not want to have anything else, he just want to have more drink but I told him that he is being drunk so I can’t give him more drink but he didn’t understood me. As I told him about the policy of Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 still he doesn’t want to know about it and care about it. Lastly, I provide him the transportation facility and maintain safe environment.
Evaluation of what I did well in role plays
During my role plays firstly, I followed the policy of “Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012” which was the most important thing that should to be done and similarly I think I did well in the both scenario as I didn’t give excessive alcohol to both of my customer and I maintain safe drinking environment.

Evaluation of area of improvements
I think I did my best to handle this situation but, in some part, like in first scenario I need to give them alternative way so that they will not get angry with my premises as they were my customer. So, being a duty manager, I need to be alert every time, should be open minded, should be able to overcome every situation and handle it kindly.

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During this practical I have learnt about the legal responsibilities and requirements for alcohol service. Same as I get to know about how to maintain safe drinking environment to your premises. Even I got some experience to deal with these types of customer and how to service them.