There are a few problems that occurs in this cases which related to the Japanese and American negotiation cultures.

The first problem that comes out in this case are Katie Perry thought she can directly arrived to negotiate with the Japanese host after she successfully contacted and communicated with her counterparts in Japan. However, the Japanese host was surprised that Katie should come to negotiate in person.This is because the Japanese do not like surprises in negotiation. Since they might want to know who they will be meeting, provide details on titles, positions, and responsibilities of attendees ahead of time. Hence, Katie suppose to schedule meetings at least three weeks in advance if possible.

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Another problem that exist in this case are Katie Perry felt isolated and irritated when the Japanese negotiators direct their questions to the two male assistants rather than him. Japanese men not used to working with business women like Katie as Japan are strictly male-dominated society. Thus, they will treat Katie as woman guest in polite way but not a business partners. Since Japanese will feels more comfortable and reliable to dealing business with man rather than woman. Besides, Japanese men not usually accustomed in socializing with women on an equal level. They will think that Katie Perry cannot participate in the same way as a man such as in the karaoke sessions or golfing events as Katie is a woman and usually inactive in the after-hours socializing. Therefore, they will prefer to direct their questions to the two assistant instead of Katie since Japanese like to exchanged thoughts and feelings by socializing outside of work to form relationship. And Japanese will proceed with serious business negotiations only after their business partners have become comfortable with them. So, to gain trust and establish good will is going to build a good relationship between each others.
The last problem is that Katy Perry was told by her Japanese hosts how surprised they were that she should come to negotiate in person when Katie arrived with her two male assistants. This situation happened due to Japanese feel lack of respect when lawyers are involved in the negotiations. As a Japanese company are often using lawyers as a matter of course for problem solving. It represents a sign that something is already very wrong with the relationship. Thus, Japanese will feel suspicious when lawyers are involved in negotiations, since in Japan lawyers are usually retained for litigation purposes.