PESTEL on Dell Inc.

Dell has to deal with many diverse political systems all around the world, from the free market economy of the United States, to the communist economy of China.

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Economic recession has had a prodigious influence on businesses operating internationally. Governments may lessen interest rates, which would be an advantage for Dell, as this would mean exchange rates are in their favour. However, inflation rates can affect them negatively, as in economies with high inflation rates would have a lower demand for computers or laptops. Barriers to entry must also be considered, as they would affect profits.

Social factors can affect a business in both ways – directly and indirectly. Dell might have to face a lot of rivalry in certain markets. Since the purchasing power of customers in certain unindustrialized countries are increasing, it can be both, an opportunity as well as a threat for Dell, as there are competitors.

Dell being a technology company, is highly affected by technological innovations. There are new innovations to technology frequently, which makes the previous ones obsolete, therefore, Dell would have to be up to date with the latest modernizations in technology to compete.

Dell would have to keep the environment in mind, as nowadays, not only governments support environmentally friendly organizations, but even consumers prefer such organizations.

For international brands, legal issues are an important factor. A company like Dell would be subject to different types of legal regulations, from different countries.