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The Grapes of Wrath (1940) portrays a negative way of life. The film focuses on the impact the Great Depression had on families — specifically on the Joad family. There was a constant fear of losing jobs, money and land. But the reason it’s positive is because of the courage and faith that the family had throughout the film. I think the film allows the audience to feel pity for the Joad family as well. Tom Joad was out on parole after 4 years in prison, both the grandfather and grandmother passed, and it makes us feel sympathy for these characters. The feeling of not having enough money for food is also a continuous scenario throughout the film, for example,  the father tries to buy a loaf of bread for 10 cents while on the way to California, because that was all he could spend. The actual price of a loaf is 15 cents, but the cook sold it to them for that price, showing the ability to be charitable. The Joad family is a close-knit group, that rely on each other, and care for each other; even after taking hit after hit, they still bring a feeling of optimism to the film. The low lighting throughout the film allows the audience to convey strong feelings, it sets a certain mood whether it wants us to feel that something is going to happen such as Tom getting caught after breaking parole, or even just using the low lighting to focus on one specific character. The backgrounds throughout the film really show the poor state of the economy during during that time. The black and white cinematography provides us with a documentary quality, it allows us to really feel for the characters in the film, and to get a sense of how they feel because we are able to focus on them more. The Depression-era being the time-period portrayed in this film, expresses how much people had to go through. We can see how much the poor suffered in this era. I think this film had a dismissive view of immigrants. They were not respected and were taken advantage of, such as being offered below average wages. Others acted superior and didn’t care if immigrants had enough money for food or not.  

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