Submitted By:
Raihan khandakar
Supervised By
Md. Khaled Sohel
Assistant Professor
Department of SWE
Daffodil International University
Daffodil International University
Dhaka, Bangladesh
December 2, 2018
I would like to express my deep sense of gratitude to my supervisor, Md. Khaled Sohel, Assistant Professor, Department of SWE, Daffodil International University, Dhaka. For his excellent guidance makes this project successful. I am very thankful to him to getting him as my supervisor.

I would like to express my heartiest gratitude respected teachers and employees of SOFT ITSECURITY.
Finally I would convey my special thanks to each of my family members specially parents whose endless support, encouragement, and, inspirations guided me always and helped me to become who I am today.
Now a days you can practically do everything on the internet you can connect with your friends, you can make online shopping, you can get the product at your home because home delivery is now available. Company ABC is a multi-national company. They want to make an app for both android and ios devices. It is a third-party using app. It’s as like as courier service. It is a wide selection of services provides safe and sound delivery to the customer.

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In this project, are going to make an app which helps to maintain their internal communication with merchant(M), hub(H), ambassador(A), fulfillment department(F), call centre(C). When a request (online/ offline) send by the customer, then what will be the process through the customer request happened on their system.

Table of contents*****************
1.1 Background
Through internship I got to know the real working environment that was very much different from my course study. During my internship, I got a chance to work in the department to know about how a software company develops the product as applications used by various financial institutions. The term I spent at SOFT IT SECURITY was more engaged with learning part through assignments. All my experience helped me realize parts like grouping work, work environment, peering support, carried out in the organization. Thus, the internship duration provided me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge, acknowledge my strength/weakness that would be more helpful to shape up my career in the future. I feel proud of being a student of Software Engineering (SWE) Daffodil International University, because it provides this worthy opportunity to me within the bachelor program. SOFT IT SECURITY is one of the growing software company in Bangladesh, cordially accepted me as an intern and gave me chance to utilize my theoretical knowledge in real world.

1.2 Motivation
Internship provides me an opportunity to sharpen my skills, gain expertise through work on advanced productions and be familiar with arduous real world environment. The report has been prepared as a fulfillment of a partial requirement of the internship program. I have tried my best to complete this report with my knowledge and amazing experience. I also try to present my technical skills and non-technical skills what I gained as an intern
1.3 Objectives
The primary objective of the internship is to generate a thorough understanding of the workplace relationship, performing of the activities and engaging oneself in the working environment. In a way, it was more to get practical implication of all the studies, theories that I had acquired so far. This would help me to pave a way towards growth in my academic as well as personal development. Apart from general objectives, the specific objectives are given below:
To develop interpersonal, managerial and communication skills.

To acquire exposure in the working environment resulting in the development of practical knowledge, confidence and diplomacy.

To learn and apply theoretical knowledge practically in the workplace.

To come up with the possible strategies to gain competitive advantage.

To be a valuable asset for the organization by contributing positive aspects
1.4 Scope
Internship provides an idea about how I adapt with the professional environment. A short description about the working environment is added to this report. My daily work schedule is also included to give an explicit view about the life at Orion Informatics Ltd. Over all, I try to give a brief description of SOFT IT SECURITY so that teachers and students can able to know effortlessly about the organization. If internship is gathering skills, then projects are the main way of gathering them. I have worked on a real life project, Online Business of Tik Tok Company. I gained immense knowledge and experience when I worked on this project.

2.1 About
2.1.1 Mission and Vision
In order to outline where the company sees itself in future and its fundamental purpose, Soft IT Security has a well-defined vision and mission statement. Mission
Soft IT Security is committed to bringing the best secured IT solutions to every business. We have one of the best team in the industry, with knowledge and skills to successfully initiate projects that are IT related. Our mission is to initiate the growth of your business by providing quality IT services that will preserve your and grow your investment. We are also committed in developing and maintaining healthy work environment for our staffs, with cutting-edge technology to consistently give our clients the best .Our core values are honesty, integrity, and professionalism for every project we handle. Vision
Our vision is focused on bringing our customers the best IT solutions from start to finish. We strongly believe we are on the earth’s surface to make a difference and we are equipped and ready to do so. Our vision is to be the best customer centered IT solution provider globally by providing timely and excellent technical support and exhibiting high professionalism at all times.

2.1.2 History
Soft IT Security is now an established software firms in Bangladesh. In the beginning they were a small team but now they have 15 members from different sectors. Their team categorize in some departments like Management Team, Development Team, Project Co-Ordinator Team, Marketing Team and Software Support Team. When they started their journey they have done some freelancing works of software development. Their best readymade products are School Management Software, Point of Sales (POS) software, HR & Payroll Software, Web Development, Software Security, Sales & Inventory Software, Hospital ERP, Auto Car Servicing System, Petrol Pump Management Software & Accounting Software. They are now focusing web based all kinds of customized software development. In 2016 they are becoming demandable in technology sector. They served some Govt. clients of about 38 Govt. school projects. That was biggest achievement then. Next they have got some big projects like around 8,000 customers in a super store & we have to manage inventories, sales, accounts, purchases for them. It was quite a big project then. After that they have got some foreign website security task. Next they have checked some popular e-commerce & auction based site security & submitted then bug reports. Following strategies are followed by Soft IT Security in order to achieve their goals:
Provide cost-effective solutions across a number of industry verticals
Provide proven and mature process based upon industry best practices
Assign dedicated professionals focused on client requirements and concerns
Maintain transparency of execution, thereby minimizing execution risk
2.1.3 Location
1/C (5th floor),
Road# 1, Shayamoli, Dhaka -1207
2.1.4 Management
Soft IT Security is managed by the Board of Directors. It consists of three members. They are CEO and Co-Founder Md. Sarowar Azam Sarkar, Managing Directors Delowar Alam, CTO Monirujjaman Shojol. The Board of Directors are accountable for both operational and financial performance of the company. In addition, they are also responsible for budget approval, policy adoption or changes, new project review.

The Board of Directors:-
Md. Sarowar Azam Sarkar
Delowar Alam
Moniruzzaman Shojol
2.1.5 Partner