Necessary evil? I say selfish
people! People are trying to justify slavery by saying that African Americans
are better off as being slaves than free. They claim that freed slaves are
cheated and deceived and are willing to return to the plantations. This is
completely falsified by the great Fredrick Douglas. He escaped slavery at the
mere age of 20 and now he is working hard to protect other runaway slaves who
wish for better lives. He is the prime example on how freed slaves are happier
and how once freed, they want to help other enslaved people be free.

People are just making up lies to
justify their horrible acts and mistreatments! If slaves are so happy and
rather be enslaved than free, why are they trying to escape to the North? Even
though there are acts such as the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, slaves are still
trying to escape their horrible conditions disregard to the harsh penalization
if they happen to get caught. (American Yawp, Antislavery and Abolitionism)

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No one has ever seen a happy slave.
Slavery demoralizes people and rids them of any kind of happiness. (Grimke Weld
Speech) What kind of person, black or white, would be happy knowing that in any
moment, in any mistake, they could lose their job or housing? Whether they are
being treated like a king or not, enslaved people cannot forget their status as
belongings instead of human beings. Who would be happy being ripped apart from
their families? Slaves are mistreated everyday by whipping, beating, imprisonment,
and so much more. Enslaved African Americans aren’t treated as human beings.
They are being treated like property or objects. There is no freedom for
slaves. They aren’t even allowed to leave the place without permission.

Freed slaves will be happier and
healthier than they will ever be in the horrible world of slavery. There are
hundreds of antislavery societies and so many establishments growing to help
freed slaves. Schools, churches, voluntary associations are rising! (American
Yawp, Antislavery and Abolitionism) The Virginia Newspaper claims that in one
sense, no one, white or black, is free in this world. This is complete rubbish.
If no one is truly free, we can all work together equally instead of treating
one kind of race this poorly while the other just watches and flourishes? African
Americans are in no way inferior to any other race and should be treated as
equals. Everyone is created equal and there is no way around that. However,
right now, the truth is that while whites are free to do whatever they please,
blacks are forced to work day and night, even in unbearable conditions. Stop
ignoring the pamphlets and antislavery newspapers! Stop ignoring the speeches! Do
you not have morals? A conscience? Slavery is the most God-defying of all sins!
Listen to your inner conscience! Enslaving people and mistreating them is a
huge sin and freeing everyone would bring national redemption and moral harmony.
Your will feel cleansed and you can redeem your Christian conscience.

Slavery is unacceptable and is an
evil that should not exist. Everyone deserves equal treatment and a right to
live in freedom.