My name is Ahmad Alenezi. I am a father, husband, student and business manager. I was born and raised in Kuwait. My parents were born and raised in Kuwait. My dad is a retired pilot of Kuwait airways. My mum is a retired teacher of middle school in Kuwait. I am seeking a MIB in from Florida International University with a concentration in Master of International Business. I own a small fishing company back home in Kuwait that I want to grow further and adapt to deal with a changing future in order to secure long-term growth of income and income stability for my seventy-five employees. I want to eventually earn a PhD in order to contribute to the educational system from which I have found redemption.
In Kuwait we value education, it is free and any chid can access it. Between the age of five and fifteen, everyone must attend school. The government emphasises that everyone must have the capability to read and write at the age of fifteen. University is only one but the government offers scholarships for many to earn higher education. There are technical colleges which help students gain technical skills which are essential in Kuwait. I completed my equivalent high school in 1995 in Kuwait where i got an overall GPA of 67%. I did not give the attention and care to my education that i should have when i was young. Upon graduation, i voluntarily joined the Kuwait military due to my father’s instance i pursued a career as a pilot. I quickly found that flying was not for me.
In 2011 I moved my family to Los Angeles, CA and then to San Antonio to peruse my undergraduate education. This affected me due to change in cultural and religious belief, having been raised in Islamic nation, adapting to westerners culture took lots of patience. While here I have done a number of things that I am proud of. I have almost completed my BA in management with a GPA of 3.52, of which I am particularly proud as I have proven to myself, my wife, and my children that one can improve their education with hard work and dedication.
In 2014 Eidah finally gave birth to our beloved daughter Wahash. Beside her, my proudest achievement in this time is helping my friends Salah Alfadhli and Talal Alkandari establish the San Antonio, TX based charity The Retreat. Our organization raises money to provide for poor and homeless children in San Antonio. We have raised the funds necessary to provide private school tuition, life skills education, clothing, and toys for a number of impoverished children. In addition to this my entire family spends every weekend organizing and participating in sporting games and other events with the children the organization provides for. Although my education has been a blessing, having my children educated in America where they are exposed to children of many backgrounds, watching them learn to appreciate the world and the people in it, and having them grow up more concerned for those who are suffering and willing giving to help them has been my greatest joy.
Education has always been my goal. Now I want to keep moving forward. I already have, and will continue to, use my business education to help my company and my employees. I have shown my children that you can always grow in your mind and in your heart. Now I need to see this through to the end. By the rules of my scholarship I must peruse my Masters in order to pursue my ultimate goal of a PhD, which I can return to Kuwait with and take up a position that has already been made available to me with the University of Kuwait. It is my belief that an MIB from Florida International University will help me further achieve my goals of securing a better future for my employees, my company, and my children, and that earning an MIB from Florida International University is both factually and intellectually, the step that I must take toward my ultimate goal of earning a PhD so that I can return to my homeland and help others achieve their educational and life goals.