Many of the characteristics of the Myers Briggs
ISTJ personality fit with who I am but some do not match my personality. I
think this is the same for everyone because we all have unique aspects to our
personality that are distinctly our own.

There are some qualities that are part of this
personality type that do not fit my personality. ITSJs do not like intuitive
judgements and put a lot of faith in their decision-making abilities (which are
mostly quick and based on logic and available information) and are strategic
and great problem solvers as well (My
Personality Test). I do trust logic and reasoning more than intuition when deciding
something, but it is useful and I do use it in some situations where snap
decisions are needed. They are described frequently as doers because of their
initiative and because of their competitiveness and desire to do their best (My Personality Test). I am not an
outgoing person and I prefer to stay out of the way instead of competing with
other people. I am not a great problem solver, organized, and I don’t have
extremely rigid values.  I tend to
procrastinate when making decisions or solving hard problems because I stress
about what the outcome of my choice will be, and I worry about messing
something up while trying to fix it. Along with my procrastination, I am also
not very good at organizing my things at home. My desk in my dorm room can
attest to this with all the books, papers, pencils, pens, and highlighters that
it is crowded with (though not a complete mess, my desk has a work-in-process/
organized-chaos look). I like for things to stay the way that they are in my
life because change is something that I am not too comfortable with even if it
is good. I find myself slightly annoyed when changes occur, and I must get used
to the new order of things. An example of this is when my schedule changes each
quarter, I have to change when I do everything throughout the day and it bugs
me. I like to help other people when I can, and I stick to my personal beliefs
and values, but I am not entirely inflexible (my decision depends on what the
situation is like).

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 ITSJs and
I are also very family oriented, and we are sometimes preoccupied with getting
others to like us (My Personality Test).
I love to spend a lot of time with family and I drive to and from Blanchard
every weekend just so I can see and spend time with them and my friends.  We enjoy checking tasks off our to do list as
well as seeing the “tangible outcomes” of our achievements (My Personality Test) like when I do yard
work and I can see exactly how much I have accomplished by looking around my
yard at home. I can see many of these listed qualities when I think of myself
but some of the qualities that go with this type do not fit my personality.

Our weaknesses are that we always stick to our own beliefs/values and trust our judgement
above that of others (sometimes even if we are wrong) which can make us inflexible
or stubborn sometimes (My Personality
Test). Sometimes, if I think I am right, I will defend my answer or
solution (even if I am actually wrong) to the point where I know I am wrong,
but I just do not want to admit it. We may be unaccepting or judgmental sometimes
toward other people due to differing values (My Personality Test). ITSJs try to find other people who share our interests
and/or try to get them to see things our way (My Personality Test). Because we like to deal mostly with reason
and logic, processing emotions may be difficult (expressing ours and
understanding others) (My Personality
Test). ITSJs like routine and structure in our daily life which may make
dealing with or getting used to new/unusual situations challenging or
troublesome (My Personality Test).
Tradition is important to us and changing it can be discomforting and is one
reason why using a tried and true method is preferable to using new ideas that
may or may not work (My Personality Test).
These qualities deal with character but they also influence work and personal

As explained by My Personality Test, we may be closed off but are likeable when
others get to know us. We have our own unique humor and people like and
appreciate us for our honest and open nature. I try to be honest about
everything and enjoy when I can be open about my opinions with other people. ISTJs
value security, stability, and expect other people to be responsible and do
what they are supposed to do (My
Personality Test). I am bad about hounding people about their work if they
are working on a project with me to make sure that we get a good grade. If
something is school or job related, I am unable to leave it incomplete and I have
to finish a task once I start it. “They hold themselves and others to a high
moral standards” meaning that we look for people to do the right thing and we
try to do the right thing ourself (My
Personality Test). ISTJs are resourceful, adaptable, critical and logical
decision makers and rarely let emotions get in the way of making decisions (My Personality Test). ISTJs have a
strong sense of personal and societal duty and improving and helping the community
is very important to us (My Personality
Test). I love to do community service for this reason like helping at my
church, participating in fundraisers for charities like march of dimes and St.
Jude or small things like picking trash up off the ground. Due to these
qualities, ISTJs are viewed as reliable, trustworthy, honest, and likeable (My Personality Test). These are all the
good qualities associated with this personality type that are true for myself but
there are some qualities that can be considered weaknesses.

Dictionary defines personality as “the special combination of qualities in a
person that makes that person different from others, as shown by the way the
person behaves, feels, and thinks”. There are many tests out there that will
help you piece together what personality type you have, one of which I have
taken recently. The personality test that I took on My Personality Test .com
told me I am an ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging) personality
type. The main characteristics associated with this personality type are that
ISTJs are honest and direct, efficient and systematic, dedicated and
responsible, strong- willed and decisive, organized and reliable, committed and
trustworthy, and they value tradition and stability. There are many qualities
of this personality type that I know I possess but there are others that do not
fit who I am.