This reflective report is based on “Mathematics Education for Secondary School 1” module course which required doing the observations of two of the colleagues and to designate their approach and do the comparisons.
This report was
The purpose of this study was to observe mathematics lessons carried out by two of the colleagues. This objective of this report:
1) To describe the approaches or methods used by the observed colleagues.
2) to compare the similarities and contrast differences on how the colleagues carried out the lessons
3) to attain any possible theories of teaching (or learning) that maybe used during conducting the lessons
4) to learn the type and level of questionings used in the teaching of the lesson
Opening statement
Different teachers have different way of teaching
Scope and limitation
In term of accessing to the school compound was very convenient since the observations took place at the current teaching school. But the difficultly arose during the selection of colleagues to be observed. The requirements of this report were to observe two colleagues that teaching the same sub-topics and it had to be video recorded. All of the veteran colleagues refused to be observed since it had to be recorded. Another difficulty was to get the colleagues that had the same teaching topic since most of them had their own scheme of work and different pace of teaching.
There were two colleagues who had the same pace and almost the same level of ability of student and consent were acquired from them. The observations were conducted before the admission of the lower six student due to limited time and the only period I was available since I will be teaching the lower six students.
Literature Review
Theory of learning
The reason of selecting these two teachers is because of convenient sampling since both of the teachers are working in the same school with me.
This research report is a study that used an observation method. The respondents were two colleagues from a sixth form school in Brunei Darussalam. Selecting these two colleagues is because of convenient sampling. The justifications of selecting these two colleagues are as follows:
a) easy access to school
b) attended the same school with me
c) can develop a close relationship with the colleagues
d) both of the colleagues are teaching the same sub-topic during the research
Thus, the quality and credibility of data can be secured.
This research report is based on notes taken during six separate observations to a local sixth form school mathematics classroom, over two-week time period. There were two female teachers involved during the research. Both of the teachers were teaching the same topics under Trigonometry; double angle, compound angle and R-formula. Each of the classes were observed at a 6 periods lesson in which one period was 30 minutes, so it means a total of 3 hours of observation for each teacher.
For teacher A, she has __ years of teaching experience and have been teaching sixth form students for__ years. Her class was composed with 17 students who had Additional Mathematics background with mostly grade D, E and U for their O level results. Whereas, Teacher R has been teaching sixth form for __ years and has __ years of teaching experience. Her class comprises with 22 students who also had Additional Mathematics background with grade of C and D.
During the observation, I was sitting at the back of the classroom and I did not interact with the students and I tried to remain inconspicuous. All of the lessons were video recorded and few notes were taken during the observations. One separate interview was also conducted after the 3 hours observations, the interview was mainly to explore their opinion and their beliefs conducting the teaching method in
Data collection and analysis
The method of this research was the classroom observation method. The observation started at the beginning of the lesson where I took the empty seat at the back of the classroom and started the video recording to record the teaching style of both colleagues and the interaction between the teacher and the students. The exercises that were given during the lesson collected
Lesson 1 Observation: Compound angle
Teacher A’s first lesson was after break time, she began the class by taking the students’ attendance. Then she started by introducing the compound angle formulae and writing the formula on the board. Then she gave the example on using the compound angle formula and explained it on the board, she did mention on deriving the sides of the triangle using Pythagoras theorem. Similar example was given to the students. The teacher was going around the class to look for the students’ work. Few minutes were given for the students to attempt the question. Next question was on proving and the teacher was showing how to do the question until applying the compound angle and let the students continued the working. She chose one student to prove the same question on the board. The last question was on solving the trigonometric equation that involved applying the compound angle into the equation. She discussed the answer on the board and she gave exercises for the students to attempt by themselves.
Teacher F approached was a bit different she is more toward using gadgets such as iPad as her working board and projected using projector. She began her class by recapping on her previous lesson on ____. Then, she started the new sub-topic by giving out the formula sheets that will be used during their examination. She showed them that the compound angles were found in the formula sheet so that they will get use using the formula sheet during the examination.