Individuals of higher authority may haze others for an assortment of reasons. From inside the hazer’s brain, they may feel that what they are doing is right and could just be tradition. Various reasons behind the hazing may include: monitoring the new vows, making a transitional experience, and demonstrating that a person is strong enough to sufficiently endure through the procedure. Moreover, the hazer may not feel sure of oneself, bringing about harassment on others to feel better about themselves. Competition of who can best endure activities like hazing the longest and the best to students that being involved in the activities are ok. Numerous students from sororities and fraternities claim to take pride in the involvement of hazing. During a Pig Run at Southern Methodist University in Texas, a young lady pledging her favorite sorority spoke, “Sororities are a totally different world, especially in the South, you don’t question the tradition, you just do it.” Hazing is hard to stop because it is an endless loop of “we had to do it, you do too,” so people learn how to accept it. School life can be scary for any new student and joining a fraternity, for example, a brotherhood or sorority can diminish the intimidation. Taking part in hazing tends to be regretted by numerous who take an interest in it, even though the decision to join is theirs.