In writing an academic essay at University level there is a structure the writer should follow in order to gain a higher education, a better grade by improving their knowledge of what subject matter they decided to research by developing key academic writing style and importance so the reader can understand the subject matter they undertake. (Cottrell, 2013).

An academic essay normally consisted of structure layout which includes title, introduction, paragraphs, conclusion and references which are written in a formal style to show a different style of academic writing which can be distinct from another kind of writing style because the method to research information such as journal articles, reports. Academic style way which normally includes descriptive, argumentative and evaluative analytic and personal experience writing style. (Cottrell, 2013)

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The descriptive writing style is one of the simplest ways to describe the thing in everyday life however in higher education it is questionable of the way things are outlined to give detail account about but occasionally another objective to be exact with the methodology used in carried out experiment providing the right framework to examine more facts. (Cottrell, 2013).

Argumentative writing style can be approached by using any possible difference of opinion to carry out a convincing point of view of being persuasive. When a person committed a crime it always examined by what evidence of fact provide for the person to be innocent or guilty. (Cottrell, 2013).

Evaluative writing styles approach is evidence to show noticeable difference and similarity by producing a method of looking at a possible way of viewing logic/points without being bias. (Cottrell, 2013).

The importance of writing academic writing style is to help the student to stop and think of writing skill by investigating a subject matter to develop and put together information suitable to demonstrate a point which can be gain threw analytical view (Cottrell, 2013). Sociologist used theories to explain how, why and when to explain the theological and empirical way of looking at sociology points. (Punch et al, 2013).

In conclusion, academic writing style helps readers or student to develop critical thinking which can be supported by examining, evaluating evidence to provide a more precise, clear significant point of view on the way. (Cottrell, 2013).