In the United States, many violences are happening during these years. Because of these violences, many people die and some of them were injured. In recent years, the number of shooting and firing incidents in the cities, schools, malls and villages are gradually increased in the United States. As people get firearms easily, the deaths rate in America is higher than any other country in the world. Since Guns are dangerous weapons for people, the stricter gun laws need to be enacted in America. “About eighty percent of people use guns in the United States.” ( Smith, Patricia. “Why we are arguing about gun control?”) If people cannot get guns easily, these shootings will be decreased.
However, some of the American people disagree about stricter gun laws. They oppose gun control because they believe that gun control will not take guns away from criminals or gangsters. In addition, they believe that guns are very important tools for them to protect themselves and their property. Moreover, the National Rifle Association group prevents many gun control laws from being passed. And they think that any background checks aren’t necessary for gun shows. They feel that the background checks would take too long for the person who wants to buy a gun. They want to purchase the gun easily from the gun shows. Therefore, these are some of the reasons that some people in the United States do not want stricter gun laws and background checks and gun control policy have perpetually been debatable.
The background checks are essential for the person who buys the guns. It includes the criminal, commercial and monetary records of the buyer or organization. More important thing is to check the history of a buyer, however, additionally that person’s mental health. Most of the shootings that happen in the country are because of the psychopath of the shooter. If they make the background checks, they will know that they should not sell the guns to the hands of mentally illness people. That points out the importance of the background checks. Background checks are necessary not only for the mentally illness people but also for the substance abuse record. According to Lindgren, “alcohol and drug abuse influences a person’s behavior greatly. These indicate that the background check has the potential to prevent guns falling into the hands of those who should not be in possession of the lethal weapon.” (Lindgren, “Forward: That Past and Future of Guns.”). For these reasons, the background check is the fundamental part of the gun control policy.
Many people believe that gun control would cut back the quantity of accidents regarding the guns additionally because the violence. They know that the more people possess guns, the more gun violence will occur. In other countries, compare with the United States, they have tougher gun control laws. According to Patricia Smith, “there were 89 guns per 100 people in the U.S, more than in any other country. Yet gun-related homicide rates are more than 25 times higher in the U.S than any other high-income country.” (Smith, Patricia. “Why we are arguing about gun control?”). From 1979 to 1966, Australia had thirteen mass shootings. After the country had passed strict laws and ban several weapons, it hasn’t had any mass shooting since. To reduce the amount of homicide rate and mass shootings, America needs stricter gun laws. Hence, the majority of the people in the United States want tighter gun laws.
In 2007, a shooter killed thirty-two students at Virginia Tech. The shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, in December 2012, killed twenty children and six adults. The reaction to the mass shootings have revealed that many parents fear of sending their children to school. They fear that their children are not safe in school. They protest the government to get a stricter gun law. People were hoping for controlling the guns from getting easily but things have gone from bad to worse. In this year, on February 14, a gunman killed seventeen people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Some students hid in classrooms and closets. Students had to run away in fear. After this shooting happen, many students protest the government about the gun laws. They want congress to pass laws to limit gun violence. They met with state and national political leaders and they ask for controlling guns.
However, the federal law applies to the country prohibits the people who convicted felons and people who have mental illness from owing firearms. According to Patricia Smith, “Licensed gun dealers have been required to conduct background checks on potential buyers through on FBI database since 1993. This is meant to prevent the sale of guns to someone who is prohibited from owing one. Perhaps the biggest is that many small-scale sellers claim to be “hobbyists,” so they are not required to conduct background checks.” (Smith, Patricia. What’s the status of Federal gun control today?”) The most important thing is that they never diagnose with mental illness people, so they can still buy firearms. According to Sean Gregory, “a more effective policy would require every buyer, of any age, to obtain a license that includes a registration of all purchase and at least a modest training program. (Gregory, Sean, etal.” What We Can Do to Stop IT.”)
In my country, it is strictly prohibited to buy any kinds of guns and there are no gun shows. The Burmese government never give license to carry gun nor purchase any guns. We cannot buy a gun at a pawnshop or our local Wal-Mart. Our country has stricter gun laws and it is all about gun control. In the United States, most guns control laws are at the state level. Some of the states have more restrictive law than some other states. According to Clarke, Kelvin, Martin and James, “the homicide count for England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with combined populations 16 times that of New York City is surpassed by that for New York alone. Granting the problems caused by the population density, and other social factors, the disparity suggests that those countries are doing something right, we something wrong. (Clark, Kelvin, Martin, James. “A History of violence: Gun control in America.”) Therefore, the government of the United States should change the law about gun control like the other countries in the world.
All the states in America, the problem of gun violence might not be solved quickly. However, reduction of accessibility to guns would cut back the rates of crime. Criminals can realize that it is difficult to buy the weapons hence, limit their ability to commit a crime. Guns should be used to an authorized person who is selected by the government. Therefore, the United States government should prohibit their civilians to bear arms and they should pass the law about gun control.