In September 2014, the first price of £499 of an iPhone 6s was introduced in the market, regardless of the high price, consumers only in the US had the largest amount of sales. As apples consumers are majority from the middle and upper class. However, Consumers in the lower markets are unable to purchase apple products due to unreasonable prices. The only reason apple is underperforming in the market is the fact that the business no longer produces products at the price that appeals to consumers. So, I would recommend lowering their prices and challenging themselves to get beyond their performances and mainstream users to maintain a sustainable growth.
Instead of becoming a cheap business where consumers across the ages will be able to afford the products but to use their effectiveness when it comes to comparing with competitors. Precisely, apple should start lowering old products down so that consumers are still purchasing products but not at too much expense.
For example, the iPhone 5S and 5C instead of stopping the production. Apple could target a lower class by selling them at a lower price and still be making a profit. This would benefit apple by involving all target markets but with different products on the market.