I was born in Bokaro Steel City, a small town in the heart of North-India famous for its Steel
Manufacturing.It was here I first realized how data without proper context can be misleading.The
Steel Plant claimed that they were the largest steel plant in India, little did I know they were
talking about the thickness of steel sheet and not about the plant’s production capacity.This gave
me a sense of realization about how much people’s thought process is affected by the manner in
which information is represented. It’s a famous saying “Knowledge is power” but at the same
time, half knowledge is worse than ignorance. In today’s world where there is an endless supply
of data without any form or structure, acquiring and using knowledge for a good purpose is in
itself a daunting task.My goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.
During my Schooling days, I developed a keen habit of reading everything and anything which
lead to me having a small chunk of knowledge in multiple areas being Greek and Indian
mythologies, mathematics, physics, basic computer sciences. As a result of my curiosity, I was
able to learn multiple languages namely Sanskrit, Hindi and English including strong interests in
programming languages like Visual-Basic and LOGO. One step to another led to me choosing
Physics, Mathematics, and Web-Technologies as the main subjects during my HighSchool and
eventually I ended up finishing top of my class overall and on the subject of Web-Technologies.
I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions. My affinity towards
Computer Science culminated in me receiving admission as an Undergrad in Computer Science
Engineering in one of the most prestigious colleges in India, Birla Institute Of Technology. My
confidence being sky high and with my insatiable hunger towards learning allowed me to keep
growing in terms of skills and personality all throughout my Undergrad. In my bachelor
program, courses like DACA(Design And Analysis of Computer Algorithms), DBMS, Compiler
Designing and Digital Image processing allured my interest with Data Mining being my
favorite.I undertook courses on Computer Networking by NetTech India and Ethical Hacking by
Kyrion Digital Securities to enhance my knowledge in domains outside my course
structure.During my Sophomore year, I joined IEEE Students chapter as a member of the team
that organized regular C/C++ and algorithms workshops for freshman (mandatory courses for all
freshman).I was able to help students who had never once touched a keyboard let alone written a
computer program.This gave me a sense of pride, as a result I kept working as a member of the
club and by my senior year, I was appointed as the Technical Head of the Club. Even now I use
my expertise to help underprivileged kids in Hyderabad with help of Adharna Foundation and
teach them basic Computer Sciences.
In this modern world, our identification is judged on three things. What we have, what we know
and what we are i.e (username, password, and our biological features). based on this idea I
worked with Prof Sumit Srivastava on Voice Based Recognitions Systems as part of my honors
project. I looked into existing Watermarking Techniques On Audio Signals for transfer of
encrypted messages from speaker and detector and tried to come up with our own hybrid
technique. we processed these signals in Time, Spatial and frequency domain and tried to mask
our password signal in a larger carrier signal using a combination of existing techniques(say a
combination of Least-Significant-Bit and Echo Hiding technique).We collected thousands of
voice samples of around 100 users speaking in Hindi and created our knowledge base on them.
We used HMM(Hidden Markov Model) and GMM (Gaussian Mixture Model) for a probabilistic
analysis to gauge the success of these hybrid techniques.This is the very first time I had my hand
dirty with inter-disciplinary sub-field of Computational Linguistics, A bit of Machine Learning
and Digital Image Processing.
After my Undergraduate, I got a big opportunity to join Oracle Corporation’s Applications Lab
Team in India and as they Say, Destiny Finds Its Way, I was assigned a Data Mining Project
designed to generate highly in-depth reports about Oracle’s Cloud-Based Earning in terms of
SaaS/PaaS/IaaS. I created a data model which could identify Revenue lines specific to cloud
revenue and get all other dimensional data for such lines (Regions, Fiscal Years,
Organisation).The system was designed to do a monthly ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) on
millions of records Using Oracle Data Integrator. With me growing in my Professional Life, I
joined the platform team of Turvo, a Sunnyvale-California based logistics solutions Startup,
founded by ex-Microsoft Employees also having Tony Fadell (designer of iPod) as an Angel
Investor. here I have worked on a module that takes live data from trucks and other mobile
devices and does a detailed analysis on the trucks pattern, total stoppages over a trip, average
distances, lane history and route deviation by implementing and tweaking existing algorithms
like Google’s Boxing algorithms.Once again surrounded by tonnes of data for me sort and get
something meaningful out of it. In fact, even in my daily life data fascinates me every day.Since I
am a marathon runner I need to know how fast I ran, how much I progressed from my last run,
how much energy I consumed and other details to improve my performance.
My current work of handling logistics data and coming up with possible solutions to the
problems faced by logistics companies using data sciences has helped me garner a deeper insight
into how machine learning and predictive algorithms work. Keeping all my interest and
aspirations in minds, I have decided that I want to further my knowledge in the field of Computer
Science especially in the inter-disciplinary of Data Sciences and Machine Learning. I want to be
part of the solution where an individual mines the infinite data available and discovers the hidden
knowledge and insights in the process.In past few months, I have done research on the Internet
and talked with current students pursuing ambitions similar to me and the name of Stony Brook
University is synonymous with these fields of study and research. My curiosity to know more led
me to come across some of the works done by Stony Brook faculties Professor Anita Wasilewska
and Professor Praveen Tripathi in the field of Data Mining and Machine Learning.This has
gotten me salivating just thinking about the amount of substantial knowledge I can garner in the
company of such bright minds.An opportunity to be a part of this prestigious university would
enable me to build a strong foundation for a very fruitful research career.