Hybridity is also one of the main themes tackled in the novel. Bhabha argues Hybridity( as we have seen previously ) occurs as in any situation in which two or more cultures interrelate and combine in a cosmopolitan space without favoring any parts but incorporating elements from the both. In the novel, most of the characters, first or second generation.Karim, Haroon, Jamila, Changez represent the situation of people with a hybrid identity in Britain Today .This hybridity makes them struggle to exist in a foreign culture. Karim, as a female character, is the best example to show the notion of hybridity. Karim is mixed race and cannot exclusively be an ordinary Indian and also he is not accepted as white. His mother recaps this idea when she says: “But you’re not an Indian, you’ve never been to India…What about me? Who gave birth to you? You’re Englishman, I’m glad to say” (Kureishi 232).
Karim’s hybrid notion comes clearly when he is chosen in Shadwell’s cast for The Jungle Book to perform Mowgly ( moving between two worlds ) . Although , at the beginning , Karim feels so excited about his new role and works really hard to prove himself , he , at the end ,realizes that he is neither considered as an experienced British nor as ordinary Indian . On the other hand, Jamila, she is recognized as the strong female hybrid character in the novel. But her hybridity somehow appears different since she quickly breaks the chains and goes beyond the borders with the help of the education she changes her own path (BASAK 24 – 27).