How Much Land Does a man Need?

From the tale “How Much Land Does a Man Need?” In implying to the tale as a parable, draw consideration argument to its edifying function. In a parable, the point is completely on one or, at most, two characters and a particular situation that provides the conflict or problem that the protagonists should encounter.
The only flourished character in Tolstoy’s tale is Pahom; no more his wife nor her elder sister nor any of his fellow peasants is given a visible personality. Tolstoy aspire his readers to focus completely on the difficult of Pahom as he seeks his fortune. This, like his other parables, is aim to transfer feelings of God’s love and the signifiance of love of one’s neighbor.
Tolstoy begins his tale with two women with their conversation in whose life is wealthier. Pahom, joins and concur that the life without control is better therefore the truth that they will have no desire to fortune and fearless the devil. In this story, devils greed. But he, himself thinks about having lands of his own so he wouldn’t fear the devil. From the beginning, Pahom is a hardworking man, he make mistake thinking that more land would give him a better life. When he gets the shot at buying his own land, he jumps into the chance with the mentally prepared mind that will be happy with more land. Even if he hand lot or fertile land to grow crops on and not pay fines for his animals, he was not satisfied. ”Pahom well-content and everything would have been right if the neighboring peasant would not have trespassed on his cornfields and meadows”, so even if had more than enough land, he looked up for more land. This reflects the character greed. Pahom would be fine and happy with the expanded land but the human instinct made him greedier and greedier all the time.

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