How sure are you about
your online security? How safe it is to browse the internet without VPN? All of those times that you spent online without
a VPN comes with a very expensive cost. It may be your privacy, security,
identity or all of these. Good thing, NovaVPN has
finally released its product.


NovaVPN helps you use the internet the way you want it without
thinking about your internet service providers, hackers or even surveillance agencies prying
on things you are doing online.  Have the safest and
fastest VPN experience without risking your privacy, security, and freedom. By
far, NovaVPN is fast, secure, and easy to use.

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Whether you are a student, an employee, a hacker, a privacy advocate
individual or a globetrotter you need a VPN,
most especially when you access online on an untrusted network. Accessing the internet using a public Wi-Fi and logging into
your social media site can potentially
put you at risk. If you’re having a
second thought about getting a VPN, you can read this article
and understand the principle behind a VPN.


NovaVPN understands that you should be able to get a consistent experience
across all of your devices. Thus, with a single NovaVPN account, you can connect up to six devices
simultaneously without compromising your online security. Use NovaVPN apps on Windows, iOS,
Mac, Android
without the hassle of logging in and out of each of your devices whenever you
need to go online.


Since using VPN does not mean you are
invulnerable, NovaVPN made sure you will be protected by advanced mathematics in AES-256,
the encryption standard trusted by security experts worldwide. Furthermore,
there is a Kill Switch function which shuts off any software if you lose
connection to the VPN. None of your data will be in danger since Kill Switch terminates the applications you specify if the
VPN connection suddenly disconnects, preventing those applications from sending
unprotected traffic to the internet.


We understand
that not all VPN are created equal. This is why NovaVPN takes your privacy more seriously and
address one pressing issue when using VPN, the DNS leak. NovaVPN
figured out how to stop any potential threat that could make your IP address
public. You will be protected from any DNS leaks as NovaVPN
runs its own private, encrypted DNS on every server.


Bearing in mind all these features, you can start with NovaVPN now and
choose the best deal for you.