Holiday traveler Business traveler
Travel in free time. Travel on work related activities.
Travels relatively occasionally. Travels relatively regularly.
Normally plan longer trips. Takes trips that are shorter in time.
Plan usually trips medium time scale. The planning time for conference delegates can be short to very long (months to years).
Travel with family, friends, and relatives. Usually alone or with colleagues.
Usually more price sensitive: they spend more time deciding on the most appropriate hotel for their travels and make a better effort to find the best possible deal for their stay. Location is a key factor: hotel’s site is one of the top priorities, a suitable location that is close to their conference or meeting venue that will allow them to go to their meeting point in a short time frame.
More attracted to packages and specials: they are constantly looking for packages with special activities, events to improve their experience. Draw attention towards the necessity for all inclusive facilities: facilities like continental breakfast, ironing board with iron, a coffee maker, mini bar, air conditioner, and completely equipped bathroom are essentials.
Requirements for extra on-site hotel facilities like (fitness area, pool, or a restaurant). Meeting place is very important to have all the conditions to work. They need a comfortable lobby and lounge for (working, networking, relaxing and socializing).
A lower need of wifi service: but holiday travelers want to be connected wifi. Constantly need of wifi service: wifi is required for the business meeting, connected with their clients during business trips.