Having effective communication is important in developing positive relationship with children, young people and adults as it would benefit the child, teachers and their assistants and parents. An effective communication will let parents are trust you and share information concerning them comfortably. This will help the teachers have a better understanding of what they are dealing with and how they can approach them in order for the child to develop. For example if a parent trust you they can easily disclose their child’s behaviour to you if it is quite challenging then this allows the teacher to approach them that will build their relationship and help to communicate and deal with that child appropriately.

It’s vital that we use the right effective communication by being considerate rather than challenging them and telling them of. This will make the child want to isolate him/herself hindering discipline. Putting yourself in their shoes allows you to adopt a better method to help them know what’s right and wrong. Communication is effective as you’re taking the time to listen to them which makes them think that they are being valued and their feelings are respected and they will use that by doing the same to you. This helps improve in their communication skills because they would show interest in the same way they have attention and time from people around them.

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When communicating with young people the main point for them is trust. Forming good trust makes it easier for them to approach to an adult whom they feel safe talking and know that their feelings are valued. To encourage them to grow, we need to accept and respect their opinion and give them the confidence as an individual. This will develop their communication skills through their higher level of education or simply as a young adult. However as a teacher/parent, we should ensure we treat them all equally as they will grow differently especially when there’s someone above authority. Some might rebel or cause an conflict. Their emotions need to be taken extra care which can be difficult but we need to have patience and listen without judging them. Having effective communication will build a good harmony between them. To avoid such conflicts we need to be able to resolve and Build a bridge and establish that both are being understood. Young people communications skills would be more advanced than children, so their sense of humour will also change. So their thinking will slowly be more mature and will be able to debate more formally /informally. This will help with effective teamwork in classroom and engage with everyone.

For adults, effective communication is a key role to develop positive relationship. Adults have lots of experience and will make lots of choices of which they will feel is best. Promoting such relationship will be effective when working together and finding mutual respect. This creates a safe, positive environment. Effective communication helps prevent any misconception or understanding from one another. This will help you take down the right information by using plain language which makes your point clear. Also having positive relationship with other adult s like parents are important too because when they come into the school, they will probably support you if your communication is effective. As an adult we should encourage positive relationship between children and adults because they will learn from your behaviour so if they see you negative approach or behaviour they will think that this I acceptable.