Practices when it comes to HRD in Air Asia, there have quiet number of academy and training that are focusing on the learning activity. Most of Air Asia when comes to training they will train through:
1) Baka Air Academy
In this academy is one of the company which more than 20 year experience in the education and training industry. Baka Air Academy is located in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia which is prepare and develop students who want to enter Airlines Industry such as flight attendant or cabin crew in any airline they choose for their future jobs. In this academy, there have their own mission is to ensure students study in Baka Air Academy is the best candidates for the jobs. When come to training of course students will be increase competency such as knowledge, skills and attitude because in this academy they will focusing on communication skills especially in English languages. After finish their studies from this academy, students be more prepares mentally or physically to prepare for career and they will be given preparatory cabin crew certificate for finding jobs given by Baka Air Academy to mark they having training to master the competency.

2) US-based Airline Ambassadors International (AAI)
Then training Air Asia have to be the best airlines for costumers is AAI which focusing to prevent human-trafficking in their places. From AAI, Air Asia estimates that their 10 000 staff across Asian region will undergo training to learn how to identify victim of trafficking on board their flight closely without much security helps. The centre of the training in the KL Academy which is trained by professional trainers. AAI focusing on cabin crew to make sure they be able to playing active role in detecting human trafficking as well and in the same time job as flight attendant will be train to spot situation which are not right via eye contact. So, from this training Air Asia staff can improve skills in detect human trafficking victims.

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3) Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL)
For this training activities is focusing on job as pilot in Air Asia. MPL training is to deliver competency like knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure they will fly safely to operates a variety of multi-engine crew aircraft, various engine, commercial-powered turbines in all operating environment expected, A CAE MPL program has vigorous cadet selection process can emphasize on crew resource management. MPL is one of training which are the future of flight training because effectiveness method to train future pilots. The location MPL training are in Clark (Philippines) and Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and duration to learn in this academy is 18 months depends on the need of the airlines. So, future pilots can increase of their flying practice from training from zero to qualified airline first officers and in the same time increasing effectiveness to Air Asia.

4) APTECH aviation and hospitality academy
APTECH aviation and hospitality academy is training academy which is combining of fun and a lot of practical learning to develop knowledge in classroom and only have only 3 months of training. By the way, Air Asia less focusing on hospitality because of their low price fare bur this academy is important because students can improves their competency like develop right skills through this academy when comes to job. Students training in this academy be able to be train in presentation and communication skills. Grooming, poise and grace, soft skills, aviation industry and interview session to apply a job in Airlines Industry. From this academy, students will get enough knowledge because they are given industry seminars and real life examples in their practical training which is have high-quality learning to prepare better for future job interviews.

5) Canadian Aviation Electronics (CAE) Rise
CAE Rise equipped with deep analytical source data to improve pilot training program. In CAE Rise is to strengthening the instructor ability to deliver standard training in line with Air Asia’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and to evaluate pilot competencies by using live data during training sessions. So, CAE will be starting CAE Rise training in first half of 2018 with Air Asia. All the practice and training in Air Asia will improve their future staff in complete and ready for job especially in knowledge, skills and attitude and in the same time used to help attain strategic business objectives.

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