F s Fitzgerald. Uses symbols throughout the novel to highlight key ideas and establish abstract thoughts for instance the idea behind the American dream. in The Great Gatsby, the American dream is depicted as An ominous occurrence shown by a number of symbols such as the valley of Ashes the eyes of doctor TJ eckleburg and the green light at the end of the buchanans dock. Using the symbols, hits River how reveals the negative and flawed portrayal of the American dream.

first off The Valley Of Ashes symbolize the moral and social decay at the time for pursuing wealth in which the inhabitants believed in. the wealthy enjoy themselves on the eggs. The Valley Of Ashes itself as mentioned by Nick is a place” where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys… (26)” located in between West Egg and New York. just imagining the setting can create a picture of moral and social decay in the American dream by having ” Ash Gray men (26)” struggle to provide basic necessities to their families while people living in the eggs are throwing parties and having a good time. during the novel Wilson begs Tom to give away his old cars because he desperately Needed money so he could take Myrtle with him to West Egg, her dream. however her dreams end when Daisy kills her with Gatsby’s car. furthermore, the the buchanans moved away so they wouldn’t have to face the consequences of myrtles death in The Valley Of Ashes. this resulted in Gatsby’s death.

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second, the portrayal of the eyes of doctor TJ eckleburg emulate the corruption of greed of the American dream. The gigantic eyes, retinas one yard high” (26). His eyes appear to frown upon the moral decay in the pursuit of wealth. his eyes Watch Over The Bleak and endless value symbolizing hopelessness and pursuing something like wealth and success. this can be supported by the quotation,” but above the gray land and spasms… dr. TJ eckleburg.” (26). also during the scene of Wilson’s and Myrtle’s fight readers come to understand how corrupted moral values become. (due to pursuing the dream and makes it seem as if preceding the American dream has left the loss of spiritual value as well.)