Divergent is both a novel and film; a dystopian science fiction and the first instalment in a series of novels written by Veronica Roth; It effectively and sufficiently elucidates the life of a protagonist girl Beatrice, who lives in a futuristic world where her society is categorised into five factions ”each contributing to a different sector of society.” (p.43). Subsequently, everyone in her society has a specialised function and knows where he/she belongs except for her. The novel was published by Harper Collins in 2011 and the film was released in 2014. Neil Burger was the director who acquired the work of Veronica from the novel and modified it to be a spectacular film. Nevertheless, some of the adaptation that Neil Burger acquired from the novel was absolutely and completely different in the film while the world of violence, threats and vulnerability that Beatrice experience remains the same. Meanwhile, there were a lot of changes being made from novel to film, Neil Burger strived to prolong the life of Beatrice which is mostly seen in the plot choice and characterisation choices during the ”choosing ceremony” scene, the ”Aptitude test” scene and the ”race to Dauntless” scene. The differences that I will analyse between the novel and the film will be based on the novel written by Veronica Roth and Neil Burger the director.