I had engaged myself in an online dementia course, as on placement I encounter many patients
whom have dementia and I sometimes find it difficult to learn how to
communicate with them. Dementia is in other words a very
common world-wide issue.

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 I found the course to be highly interesting and
helpful in that it introduced me to what it actually means to have dementia, the
different types of dementia and the causes of it. It has helped me gain a
broad understanding of the symptoms of the condition. This all has helped me understand
how patients with dementia may present with difficulties within the radiography


It had also taught me about some of the warning
signs to look as dementia is not always easy identifiable in everyone, thus has
helped me understand and support the needs of people with

in the radiography department, I have had to deal with many dementia patients
whom can be quiet difficult patients to work with. However by understanding the
actual disease itself and knowing ways on how to the deal with the situation  e.g. using a person-centred approach, just
simply makes a big difference, not only for the dementia patients but also for
myself.                                                                               The guidelines have made aware

Overall, I feel this online course programme
and reflection has helped me more confidently to work with dementia patients,
by making sure that the care they are given is patient centre.


I had also read up on and made notes
on the Society of Radiographers guidelines recommendations on how to deal with dementia
care patients. The guidelines explain that dementia patients have their own personal
sense of reality and therefore they may get distressed due to being in a
different environment.

These guidelines and the online course I have
undertaken have helped improved my skills
and awareness which are vitally required in order to support people with
dementia and their care. Every patient has the right to receive compassionate care, regardless if they
have dementia or not.

The guidelines have
helped me understand that dementia patients all differ as their symptoms
manifest differently. Therefore, each patient is required to have personal
centred care.

The guidelines and
course have made me understand the importance of getting family members
and careers involved in helping with the examination as they know the patient
well and how to approach the situation, this was something I was totally unaware
off. I know
now the importance of using a
flexible approach and to always be creative towards dementia patients.


Dementia is an area in
clinical practice in which I continue to develop throughout my training through
experience and further reflections. I will also aim to
undergo further training and development opportunities that may arise on how to
deal with dementia needs. This will enable me to challenge my skills and