Dear Members of the Selection Panel,
I am writing to express my interest in applying for an assessed internship and
complete the Master in International Peace Studies.
My interests in languages (because I am bilingual) and current affairs
(especially about the Middle East) brought me to the choice of the Bachelor’s
Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy at the University of Trieste,
branch of Gorizia(Italy), where I am going to graduate in October 2017.
MA in International Peace Studies program developed for individuals who
wish to contribute to creating the conditions for peace, enhancing the security
of individuals, and eliminating poverty and other institutional impediments
for human development in the world.
It gives the possibility to acquire the basic skills and knowledge necessary to
design, implement and evaluate public policies for achieving peace,
protecting the human security and expanding the capabilities and freedom of
individuals, developing deep understanding and humane compassion of
different cultures in the world.
This is why I decided to study International Peace studies and the main topic
in which I would like to do an internship is conflict resolution:
interdisciplinary and critical understanding and analysis of the causes and
consequences of a wide range of contemporary conflicts and violence that
impact on global, international and human security.
During these years I have discovered my skills in order to have personal
results in the future if I will start an internship: as a member of MSOI, I have
contributed and organized the GYMNATO, a simulation that took place in
Gorizia with foreign students. Being a very social and active person, I was
responsible for the coordination of the daily events and participate to all the
meeting with the students and with the special guests.
Furthermore, I started working as an intern at the Office of the Presidency of
Friuli-Venezia-Giulia with the President of the Region and her main staff.
These practical experiences enabled me not only to grow as a person but also
to gain specific skills such as organization and personal motivation.
Moreover, I developed my communication skills in two ways: firstly, by
taking part to several Model United Nations (MUN) – one in Gorizia (in
which my contribution was most part of the organization), Italy and one in
Istanbul, Turkey- and secondly having had the chance to take part to
numerous group projects with international students. These kinds of
experiences improved my ability to find solutions in challenging contexts
Hoping that my request will receive your favorable opinion, I thank you for
considering my application.
Yours faithfully,
Bita Valipour