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I have prepared this report
in light of my internship that I have done on court of Thakht Bhai. Doing
internship and writing report is the requirement of the degree of LLB 5 years.
This report comprises of the judicial system of Pakistan and about my
experiences in Thakht bhai courts



In each and every district in Pakistan there exists
a district court with a criminal and civil jurisdiction; additionally there are
also many additional district and session judges who setup their courts.  District and session court have executive as
well as judicial power over the entire district that come under his
jurisdiction, the district court also work as a trial court in case of criminal
and civil offences such as rape, murder and haraba offences that armed
robberies etc. and it also act as an appellate court for small offences and
which are dealt by lower courts. In a district there are many additional courts
with the power as that of session but when they hear criminal cases it is
called session court, while in case of civil cases it is called district court.

Proceedings of the court normally starts early in
the morning with the pre arrest bail cases in the start, then hearing of post
arrest bail cases starts and orders are issue after a break later time of the
day. In The remaining time is remaining time the evidence is recorded and in
different cases. The district and session judge court normally handle the
applications and review cases against the lower courts orders.


purpose of this study is to write an internship report based on understanding
and observation of practical procedures and processes about how courts and
overall legal system works.


As an internee in the Tehsil Court Takhtbhai, the main focus
of my study was to gain knowledge about practical work. And to learn procedural
law and ethics of the court.



The data collected for study and review includes
both primary and secondary data. Every nerve was strained to collect the
quality information. The methods used for collecting primary and secondary data
are as follows:

Primary Data

Data collected for the first time is called primary
data. The methods used to collect such data include:

Ø  Personal observations

Ø  Discussions

Ø  Interviews   

Secondary Data

The data collected earlier by someone else and is
made available to public is called secondary data. Methods used to collect
secondary data include:

Ø  Journal and Newspapers

Ø  Internet

Ø  Research journal