At first, I would like to illustrate what is culture? Culture is the characteristics that make your country unique. Culture includes food cuisines, language, system of values and norms, which are the traditions and costumes. As mentioned in the movie” My Big Fat Greek Wedding” which is directed by Joel Zwick that there were a huge differences between the two cultures: the American and the Greek.

First, Americans and Greeks are totally different from each other in their traditions. For instance, Greeks are much strict than Americans they do not allow their daughters to date guys before getting married and the Greek parents are really close to their children unlike the Americans they are not as close as the Greeks are to their children. Moreover, Greeks cannot live without eating meat on the other hand most of the Americans are vegetarians. Furthermore, if you want to be from the Greeks you have to get baptized in the Greek Orthodox Church as Ian did in the movie to marry Taula. He sacrificed and changed his religion only to marry Taula, that approves that the Greeks are literally too religious. Also, one of the most important traditions that Greeks do that they do weddings in churches while Americans do not.

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Second, The two cultures are not as each other in accepting other cultures like what Taula’s family did. They did not accept Ian’s family on the contrary Ian’s family did accept them. For Greeks the man is the head, the woman is the neck and she can place him where she pleases, quoted Taula’s mother in the movie and that illustrates that women play an important and huge role in the family while the American women are as the American men.

In conclusion, I can say that as long as you live in a world full of many countries you have to accept all cultures and learn from each other to gain more knowledge about other countries’ cultures.