Assignment 4 Question 9

The roles and responsibilities of different organisations are Social services, NSPCC , Health visitors, GPS, Police Schools.

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Social services roles is to work and provide needed support for children , adults and families who are struggling with everyday life.
Social workers have a responsibility to children and families in need. They are also responsible for providing services , welfare, safeguarding and protecting the well being of Children and Young People.

NSPCC their role is to provide direct services for children ,educational and campaigns to put an and to child abuse. They work with other agencies and offer advice and training to professionals working with children. NSPCC staff have a responsibility to focus on helping children who are in danger and distress, and to identify and prevent cruelty to children and to ensure a speedy and appropriate response in all cases of suspected abuse or at risk of harm.

Health visitors role is to provide support and guidance to parents and carries out assessments of a child’s development. Health visitors responsibilities is to carry out checks on babies and young children and if necessary improve the health or babies and young children under the age of 5.

GPS roles is to work in the community and provide a range of care for all patients. GPs are the first people that families go to when their children are ill or help and advice.
GPS responsibilities are to promote health and well being to children, young people , teenagers adults. They also have a duty to safeguard Children and Young People and have to follow procedures if they have any concerns that they may have of a child or young person.

Police roles are to protect and serve the public and prevent crime, they investigate child abuse and work with other agencies to protect individuals from any harm. Police have a responsibility which involves detection and prevention of crime. The police protects Children and Young People and vulnerable adults. They investigate and report all aspects of those who are abused , neglected or at risk from harm they gather information to take action to protect and safeguard children , young people.

Schools roles are to create and maintain a safe learning environment for their pupils while protecting and safeguarding them. Staff should know about the procedures and policies regarding safe guarding and know how and who to pass information on. Schools are responsible for the welfare of Children and safeguarding them, this is paramount throughout the school , School is also responsible for up to date training on safeguarding procedures and to familiarise themselves with the knowledge to spot the sights of abuse or neglect.