Amanda Johnson
Kim Younger
Comp. 1
22 February 2018
Greeks vs. Romans
Think about two great empires, what comes to mind? Of course, the Greeks and Romans. This is because they are the most commonly known because they accomplished many theories and devices. The empires were influenced by one another greatly, therefore spreading their culture around the world. Although the Roman’s adopted many ideas from the Greeks, they were different in many ways such as Mythology, the role of women and religion.

Nobody really knows when the Greek mythology started. Greek mythology is the religion of the ancient Greek people and the stories that explained how the religion related to the world around them. Roman mythology came about one thousand years after the Greeks, closely following their stories and gods. Around 146 BC, Romans officially took over Greece into their empire. However, they were always fascinated with the Greeks way even before that. Roman mythology is the religion of the ancient Romans, but they were more focused on how the gods affected the city of Rome.

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