The team got better year
after year, to the point that Barça finally claimed the much desired European
Cup at the majestic Wembley Stadium. The team that won four consecutive leagues
came to be known as the ‘Dream Team’, and its lively, spectacular style won
admirers all around the world. That team, apart from enjoying the presence of
the best trio of foreigners in the world (Stoichkov, Laudrup and Koeman and,
later, Romario), also had a strong core of Spaniards, essentially formed by Basques
and Catalans (Bakero, Bergiristain, Salinas, Guardiola, Ferrer, Sergi…) who
made up a solid block alongside other great players such as Amor, Nadal and

It was an remarkable
period  of  revolutionized , possession-based football,
and the  Team also won the club’s first
European Cup(now the uefa champions league) with another victory over Sampdoria
in 1992. In total, Cryuff won 11 trophies in his career as a coach of Barcelona,
making him the most successful manager in Barcelona’s history until the record
was broken by his player pep Guardiola two decades later.

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The Team’s
trophy haul

 4 La Ligas

3 Spanish Super cups

1 European Cup

 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup

1 Copa del Rey

 1 UEFA Super cup


though, said his remarkable success in the Barcelona was not comparable to the Success
of Cryuff’s Dream Team. “They were pioneers and we cannot compete with
that no matter how many trophies we win,” he said in 2011.

also said “He  and his coaching
could not achieve what cryuff did for the club and many other great players and
managers have just added  their part to
this great legacy started by Johan cryuff ”

The world would not have seen the likes
of Guardiola’s era and the likes of Messi, iniesta, xavi if cryuff didn’t
exist. Cryuff died in 2016 suffering from lung cancer and said a goodbye to the
revolutionized  world of football .