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Service provisioning is a significant and demanding issue in the widely distributed systems such as cloud computing environments. A cloud service offers a large flexibility in provisioning to balance the user’s required services. A service provider delivers the users required services to users through the internet. During the service provisioning, the resource utilization is a main demanding issue in the cloud. In general, the cloud includes a number of resources like energy, memory, bandwidth, cost and so on. The cloud server renders the different services to the user with a minimum level of resource utilization. Based on this motivation, an effective optimization technique called Whale Optimized Multicriterion Correlation (WOMC) is developed for resource and cost optimization in the cloud. Architecture diagram of the WOMC technique is shown in figure 1.

Figure 1 describes the architecture diagram of WOMC technique. The number of cloud users sends their requests to cloud server (CS). The cloud service provider (CSP) provides different services to end users with less resource utilization.
The WOMC technique initially measures the correlation between the number of users requested services and already available services in a cloud server. This correlation measurement is based on the multiple criterions in which the user requested services has certain resource criterion. Based on the correlation, the user required services are identified. After that, optimal resources are identified for rendering the user requested services in an effective manner. A brief explanation of the WOMC technique is described in following sections.

3.1.1 Multicriterion Correlation Measure

The first step in the design of WOMC technique is to perform correlation between the cloud users requested services and availability of services in the cloud server. WOMC technique uses multicriterion correlation that which is used for finding the mutual relationship between the users requested service and number of available resources in the cloud. A correlation is a statistical method that provides strong pairs of variables (i.e. services and the availability of services) which are related to each other. Multicriterion correlation analysis is carried out where the relationship between the variables are measured based on more than one criterion. The multiple criterions such as energy, bandwidth, cost, memory are used for correlation measures. Initially, the user sends a number of requests to cloud server. The cloud server measures correlation with user required resource criterion. The resources utilized in the cloud service provisioning are energy, bandwidth, memory and cost. Energy is an amount of power utilized by virtual machine for providing the services to user with the specific time. The energy is computed using following mathematical equations,


From (1), ‘E’ denotes energy for resource provisioning which is measured in terms of a joule (J). represents total power consumption for providing the services and denotes a service provisioning time. The other criterion is the bandwidth which is measured as the average rate of successful request transfer through a communication path. It is measured in the unit of bit per second (Bps).


From (2), denotes a bandwidth and ‘T’ represents time. The memory consumption is a total amount of storage space consumed by virtual machine for rendering the multiple user requested services. It is measured in terms of mega bytes (MB). Cost is the other major criterion which is the amount of time taken by the cloud server for responding the user requested services. Based on the above said resources, the user requests the services with less resource utilization. With the multiple criterions such as minimum energy utilization, memory consumption, cost and bandwidth utilization, the WOMC technique measures the correlations as follows,
From (3), denotes a correlation coefficient, represents a number of services in cloud. consitutes a user requested services with multiple criterions, is the available services. The correlation coefficient provides the values from -1 to +1. As a result, the relationship between the numbers of user requested services and already available resources are identified effectively in the cloud of a server for minimizing the response time. The algorithm of multicriterion correlation is illustrated as follows.

Algorithm 1 Multicriterion correlation algorithm

Input: Number of user request available services
Output : Identity the user requested services
1.For each user request
2. Measure the multicriterion correlation using (3)
3. if correlation coefficient then
4. positive correlation
5. else if correlation coefficient -1 then
6. Negative correlation
7. else if correlation coefficient 0 then
8. No correlation
9. end if
10. end for
11. end

Algorithm 1 provides the correlation measure of user requested services and available services based on the multiple criterions. By applying the correlation, the coefficient offers three dissimilar results. The =’+1′ means that the perfect relationship between user required services and available services. ‘0’ indicates the no correlation and ‘-1’ represents a negative correlation between requested services and available services. As a result, the user required services are identified. This in turn minimizes the response time of user requested services.

3.1.2 Nature-inspired Multicriterion whale optimization for optimal resource utilization

After identifying the user required services through the correlation measure, the optimization is carried out for selecting a virtual machine which utilizes optimal resources for providing the user services. This process is done by using nature-inspired multicriterion whale optimization. By applying this optimization technique, the cloud server offers efficient services with optimal resource utilization based on multiple criterions such as minimum energy consumption, less bandwidth utilization and memory consumption and less computational cost. In whale optimization, the whale is a very intelligent animal with emotion. The whale optimization is inspired by the distinctive hunting nature of humpback whales. The whale searches the location of the prey and spins around the prey to create different bubbles along a path. In nature-inspired multi criterion whale optimization, the whales are considered a number of virtual machines ‘ ‘. A CSP offers computing services to cloud users through a virtual Machine ( ). User requested services are considered as prey. As a result of optimization, the best solution (i.e. virtual machine) is selected for providing user requested services with less resource utilization. The flow process of Nature-inspired Multi criterion whale optimization is described as follows,

Figure 2 shows the flow process of optimization algorithm to identify resource optimized virtual machine for providing the user requested services from the number of available resources in the cloud.

Figure 2 Flow process of Nature-inspired Multi criterion whale optimization

The numbers of whales (i.e. VM) are initialized. The fitness of VM is calculated and it satisfies the fitness condition for selecting the best solution. The fitness condition is expressed with multiple criterions as follows,


From (4), denotes an energy consumption, represents a bandwidth utilization, means memory consumption, CC refers to a computational complexity. arg min function attains the smallest value of all the resources of virtual machine. From (4), FC denotes fitness condition of the virtual machine to provide the services with minimum resource utilization. Based on the fitness condition measure, the current best VM is selected. After that, three processes are carried out such as encircling prey, bubble-net feeding method and searching the prey. Followed by, an optimal resource optimized virtual machine is selected for providing the user requested cloud services. In encircling prey phase, the whale identifies the location of prey and surrounds them. Because the location of an optimum designs in the search space is not identified previously. For that reason, the optimization algorithm considers that the present solution is an optimal. After identifying the current best solution, the position updates are carried out for comparing the current best solution with other solution (i.e. whale) to find the resource optimized virtual machine. This updating behavior is represented as follows,


From the equation (6), d denotes a distance between the position vector of the prey and whale ( . represents a coefficient vector, denotes a current iteration. From (5), denotes an updated position and represents a coefficient vector and it is expressed as follows,


From (7), ‘b’ is linearly reduced from 2 to 0 over the course of iterations and ‘R’ indicates a random vector in the range values 0, 1. After that, the bubble-net behavior of whales are designed based on shrinking encircling approach and spiral updating position. Bubble-net behavior refers the foraging behaviors of the whales. In the first approach, the variation range of ‘a’ is also decreased by b. The random values for ‘a’ are assigned as ?1, 1, the new location of the whale is identified in any place in between the initial position of the whale and the position of the present solution. In the second approach, the distance between the position of the whale and prey is calculated. A spiral equation is then generated among the position of whale and prey to mimic the helix-shaped motion of humpback whales. Then the current best solution is updated and compared with other whales to find the global optimum. The updating results are expressed as,


From (10), denotes an updated distance among whale and ‘p’ is a constant for describing the structure of the logarithmic curve. Exponential function ‘e’ is the base of natural logarithms. From (9), ‘q’ is the random number and their ranges are -1, 1. By performing the optimization, positions of the whale is updated as follows,


From (11), ‘P’ is a random number in 0, 1, finally, global optimum values are obtained by updating the whale’s position with randomly chosen whale (i.e. VM) rather than the current best whale. The updating behavior is expressed as follows,


From (13), denotes a random position vector of a random whale. Finally, updated VM is a best solution for providing the user required services. The algorithmic explanation is presented as follows,
Input: Number of resources, number of user requests (i.e. prey), Virtual machines (i.e. whales)
Output: Select resource optimized virtual machines for providing user requested services
1. Initialize the whale’s populations
2. Initialize the value of a, b, R, p, q
3. for each whale
4. Calculate the fitness condition for selecting the current best solution using (4)
5. if (P

3. Evaluation – I learnt from the experience that I had no need to be anxious because the relatives knew much less than I did. I learnt that relatives valued the opportunity to discuss how they felt with others in the same situation. There was nothing particularly bad about the experience but the attendance was lower than expected. The experience ended with a commitment to hold another dementia forum in about 5?weeks’ time.

4. Analysis – I should know by now not to be anxious of new experiences because they are never as bad as I imagine beforehand. It was very useful having experts by experience present for the sessions because they spoke openly about having a family member living with dementia and this was far more useful than talking about what dementia is or isn’t. We discussed at the time the low attendance figure and wondered how to improve this. Frequent and prolonged advertising on reception and in the newsletter seems to have minimal impact and I must look for additional ways of advertising such a beneficial forum. Those present at the forum were committed to attending again and there was some positivity that attendance figures would gradually improve. This was after all only the second dementia forum to be held at The Care Home.

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5. Conclusion – The dementia forums are a useful support for families of those living with dementia and will continue at The Care Home. Family members had the opportunity to have a greater awareness of what their loves one are experiencing. This was a positive experience and I am actually looking forward to the next forum.

6. Action Plan – We will use word of mouth and social media to promote the next dementia forum and I will now discuss these forums when promoting the home. We will ensure that the dates are advertised in the monthly newsletter and also send information to the families of those living with dementia along with the monthly invoices. I may consider setting up and email mailing list to assist with marketing opportunities like these

Peach House Production came up with an idea of Mighty Masters with a sole purpose of providing a platform to youngsters of North India who possess inherent talent in music and dance.
Mighty Masters is an inter-school/college music and dance competition which gives the opportunity to dance and music aspirants to showcase their talent to the worldwide audience. It is the most unique platform to encourage creativity among youngsters of North India.
The vision of Mighty Master is to give a platform to school and college students at an early age which they usually get in their early working days. With the platform of Mighty Masters, the true aspirants of music and dance will identify their capabilities and this will help them improve their skills to become a true star in music and dance industry.
The whole event is tailored in the form of an online competition which aims to motivate the young generation of India by showcasing their performances to the world audience through social media platforms across the internet.
Peach House’s production team will capture the talent of the participants in an artistic manner using the latest equipment’s and techniques. After recording the talent i.e. making the video, it will be made available across the internet; on various social media platforms for the worldwide audience to appreciate it.
Presence of no judges is a catch in the competition, the supporters of participants, (families, friends, and faculty at school) and all the people across the globe will be the judge of the competition.
The performance which will get the maximum appreciation on the internet in form of online voting/views will be declared a winner. A winner and two runners-up will be declared from each category and group of the competition.


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Research is a systematic method of findings a solution to problem. It is essential investigation, a recording and an analysis of evidence for the purpose of gaining knowledge.
Methodology refers to the method adopted for collection of information, which forms the basis of written report. Methodology is the specification of the method for acquiring the information needed to structure the study
• Understanding the planning of the whole event from start to finish
Study the marketing materials of promotion of the event
• To study approach education and music/dance institutes to invite their students to participate in the competition
• Understanding to talk over the phone on the inbound calls and outbound calls with eligible participants to brief them about Mighty Masters.
• Understand the social media campaign of promoting Mighty Masters on social media platforms.
• Understand what data needs to be maintained to set the weekly goals for the progress of the event.
• Understand the importance of the event and how it can change the lives of the young generation of North India.

Sample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample form a given population, simple random sampling is used for this study, it refers to the technique or the procedure the researcher adopts in selecting items for samples.
The total sample size is 150.
The data is collected through primary and secondary method.
Primary data is information that you collect specifically for the purpose of your research project. An advantage of primary data is that it is specifically tailored to your research needs. A disadvantage is that it is expensive to obtain. This data is original data and has not been used prior in any of the research works done. This type of data sets require more time and attention to frame because you need to think a lot and then design a appropriate data which can be used to get further information about the research. For my primary data I’ve designed a questionnaire which is attached below: I have taken 150 samples for this research.
Secondary data is the form of “finished product” as they have already been treated statistical in the same form or other. The secondary data is mainly collected from company record, company website.
• Went through some previous market studies provided by the guide.
• Previous summer training reports to grasp knowledge.
• Scanning of various business magazines and Collected relevant information from the newspaper.

Types of research
• Exploratory research
• Descriptive research
• Casual research
Exploratory research
Exploratory studies are conducted to clarify the ambiguous problems.Ambiguity means that the nature of problem to be solved is unclear.
Descriptive research
The research design in my study is descriptive. Its studies are concern with describing the characteristics of a particular group or individual. Studies concerned with specific prediction with narration of facts and characteristics concerning individual, group or situations are examples of descriptive research. It is also known as social research
Casual research
The mean purpose of casual research is to identify the effect relationship between variables.

Every study has its own limitations in terms of methodology and the resources available for its conduct. This study has no expectation to it and has been carried under following limitation:
• Some of the competition as well as the students were not forthcoming with information as they thought it to be a waste of time. Some students were not able to respond due to lack of awareness.
• A number of competition were not allowed to give internal information.
• Some of the company managers were not available so, contacted person was not able to present a fair view.
• Respondent’s lack of time to give information and their casual attitude was a big hindrance in the study.
• The managers were biased by some recent experiences, which they had with a particular distributor regarding the service or distribution.


Fundamentally, a survey is a method of gathering information from a sample of people, traditionally with the intention of generalizing the results to a larger population. Surveys provide a critical source of data and insights for nearly everyone engaged in the information economy, from businesses and the media to government and academics.

• Face-to-face surveys
• Telephone surveys
• Self-administered paper and pencil surveys
• Self-administered computer surveys (typically online)
They are important because they’re the most reliable method to get real feedback from our subscribers—no matter what platform they use to engage with our brands (print, digital, apps, newsletter, and website).
It depends on the type of survey. If someone expired with the March issue and you have a last effort renewal going out in April, you should wait 4-6 weeks to get responses and then send the survey (around last week of May) to those that didn’t renew. By doing this you are adding an extra effort into your renewal (or equal schedule) but it’s also the best time to get input.
It’s important to establish this when you are creating the survey questions. What do you want to know? For example, are you interested to know if your subscribers want an app version of the brand? (If so, don’t forget to ask for their email address so you can alert them when the app is available). Or do you want to know whether there’s price sensitivity? There are many things you can learn by establishing these survey efforts with the right timing.

Q 1 Have you ever participate in any of the event before?

Options % of respondents
Dance india dance 31.4%
Dance diwane 43.6%
Voice of india 20.7%
Indian idol 4.3%

Through this question they wanted to understand the background of their targeted audience, so that they can further strategies the things with more accuracy.
The majority of audience is new to the platform and we have a huge demand of such innovative competition in the market.
Q2. Which activity excites you the most?
Options % of respondents
Dance 59
singing 37
Live bands 3
none 1

For getting a tentative idea of the participants interested according to the different activities we are offering them on our platform.
We need to invest our maximum man power for dancing platform and then to singing and a little to live bands.

Q 3 Do you know about our upcoming event “Mighty Masters”?
Options % of respondents
Yes 78.6%
No 21.4%
Maybe 0%

To know if our publicity and marketing are walking hand in hand or do we need to improvise on our front image of the event.
79% of people appreciating our work, and that is a good amount of audience connecting with our innovative platform.

Q4 From where you get to know about it?
Option % of respondents
Facebook 10.7%
Instagram 27.1%
School/college/academy 62.1%

To know which of the platform is working the favor of the event and which one is just adding to the cost.
The face to face interactions by our inters on different platforms are making the major

Q5. Have you come across such social media based competition ahead?
Option % of respondents
Yes 23.7%
no 49.6%
May be 26.6%

To know whether people find our event a new concept, or they find it to be similar to the completions holding on different platforms with different perspective.
They find it to be a new concept, an innovation where we are trying our level best to pull up the maximum level of talent

Q6 Do you like our concept?
Option % of respondents
Yes 53.2%
No 19.4%
Maybe 27.3%

To know whether people are influenced with our idea or yet we need to work over the positioning of the event.
It is promoted well but we have a way to go as people are yet not convinced with the positioning.

Q7 Which feature of the event is your favourite?
Option % of respondents
Hastel free event 7.9%
Free registration 53.2%
Social platform .1%
Equal opportunity to all 38.8%


To know which of our feature is attracting the most of our audience, and what makes this event most exciting and productive.
The free platform for all at all the justified level is the key points of the event, and if this point is highlighted in the right prospect we can achieve good amount of talent.

Q8. Which type of service needs to be improved by our compamy?
Option % of respondents
Communication to its customers 25%
Solve online registrations queries 35%
More clear and transparent working 40%

Percentage of respondents

Work should be clear.

Q9.If registered,Have you got a mail regarding the registration done.
Option % of respondents
Yes 58.3%
No 41%
Maybe 09%

To know if our back-hand team in successful in keeping a track on registrations and providing them the required information on time.
There were a couple of changes in the strategy for the back-hand team and also different calling and messaging teachings were added.

Q10.Are you getting follow up calls for the event by our interns.
Option % of respondents
Yes 58.3%
No 41%
Maybe 09%

To know if our back-hand team in successful in keeping a track on registrations and providing them the required information on time.
There were a couple of changes in the strategy for the back-hand team and also different mailing and messaging teachings were added.


• It was found that the people actively participate in singing, dancing events. As per the study the ratio of dance activity is highest.
• It was found that people came to know about the company’s event Mighty masters mainly through the school/colleges or academy where the event had been promoted.
• It was found that the people like the concept of mighty masters. They found the free registration to be the most interesting part of the event.
• Digital marketing plays an important role in communicating with the masses. It not only grabs the attention but it also helps get instant feedback of the people.
• It was found that people led more emphasis on clear and transparent working of the organization so that they get to know more better about the event.
• It was found that most of the queries of the people were timely answered by the employees of the organization, hence it leads to better customer satisfaction.
• It was found that people are active on mail because everything is on mail
• It was found that people wants more found on transparency of work.
• It was found that good amount of audience connecting with our innovative platform.


• More promotional tools should be followed so that it can reach to more and more audience.
• The company should focus more on digital marketing for its promotion purpose.
• The knowledge of concept should be made clear by more number of representatives.
• The company should select a perfect platform within the reach of both urban and rural population
• The communication to its customers service should be improved by the company
• The company should organize these events on regular basis so that the public can understand the concept clearly.
• The company should make effort to achieve 100% customer satisfaction for its queries.
• More focus on relationship building.
• Try to make more easy to government students.
• Try to endorse a celebrity to the event because people will attracts toward it.


The foundations of all the best survey projects are laid long before the first responses come rolling in; they start during what we call the Need phase of survey design, and that’s what we’ll be covering here. This survey helped us with the following aspects.
• Have a clear purpose
• Are easy to administer
• Are easy to take
• Produce accurate data
• Let you confidently make informed decisions
• Learning objectives are the specific pieces of information you want to glean from your survey results. Basically, each one is a step that should help you reach your survey goal.
Three is a good number of learning objectives for a single survey, and don’t ever set more than five.
To come up with learning objectives for your survey we recommend organizing a brainstorm session. It should include anyone who will work on the survey, as well as all stakeholders.
Let everyone brainstorm on their own separately for 5 minutes. Make sure that everyone gets a chance to have their ideas heard. Have a scribe to make sure you capture all ideas. Let ideas flow freely – no judging!
Remember that there are no bad ideas.
Make sure your scribe takes particular note of the ideas submitted by the stakeholders. That way you can be sure to write questions that address their particular needs or concerns.