? Conflict- When interpersonal problem exist among team members it reduces cohesion among the team thereby reducing the output of the team members which in effect reduces the organization’s productivity. Conflicting members will not like to work with their fellow team mates and this can cause the team to collapse.
? Language barrier- Language barrier in a team makes it difficult for members to express their ideas and understand the concepts of other members in the team. Difficulty in understanding language or the accents of members can result in segregation in the team. This can hinder organizational integrity by promoting polarized attitudes toward teamwork.
? Remote team members – The location of the team can be a potential barrier to team’s effectiveness. Different time zones are a possible barrier effective team. For instance, if I am in a team in Ghana, with someone in Japan the time difference will be a barrier. When team members are distributed across regions or even in different countries, it hampers the performance of the team.
? Problem behaviour- Waldroop and Butler Harvard Business Review “Managing Away Bad Habits”. (2000) listed some type of behaviours that pose as barriers to effective team and this include team members behaving as heroes, meritocrats, bulldozers, pessimist, rebels and home run hitters. These bahaviours in a team may bring about misunderstanding in the team.
? Disagreement – When team members have differences in opinion and find it difficult to come into terms, it can be a barrier to the team’s effectiveness in achieving their goals. Disagreement in a team can cause delay in carrying out a task and will cause the team not to reach their set target.
? Trust- when trust and confidentiality in a team is breached it makes it difficult for the team to be effective. Members tend to keep vital ideas and information to themselves and refuse to contribute their ideas.
? Personal values – Personal values like religious believes, cultural difference, personal preference, political inclination, Age difference, education and experience level can become a barrier to effective team work by bringing about division or segregation in the team.