1-breaking bad-crime drama
We have Walter White, a middle-aged chemistry teacher, who finds out he has cancer and it’s severe. Accidentally he finds out that one of his former students makes money by cooking crystals. At first, we don’t see a criminal Walter white, but in the last episodes of season one, we see a completely different Walter white(Eisenberg). Sometimes when he feels empty and depressed, he commits more crimes.

2-the soap was the first program on television to discuss and portray mental health issues, infidelity, alcohol, and drug abuse, homosexuality, and homophobia, cancer, AIDS, poverty, dysfunctional families and racism.

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3-Gene Autry
4- 1959-more than 30 western shows-at first people didn’t know that westerns could work well. But westerns became a big hit. There were over thirty different western shows airing on television during 1959. also over a hundred western television series throughout the decade.
5- -Mannix was a show D esilu premiered in the year of 1967. Mannix was a detective/crime drama that centers around the main character Joe Mannix. The show had low ratings so it was in danger of being cancelled. However, Lucille Ball decided to give the show a second chance. The show became successful and it ran for eight years.